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    AMSTERDAM, 24-11-2013 | THE CYBER CURRENCY BITCOIN has reached the lingerie and fashion world, after being announced as the latest way to pay for adhesive breast lifts at
    The founder of, Marcel Duits has announced, that adhesive breast lifts can now be purchased with bitcoins as well the the Bye Bra range, which is a simple solution to quickly and effectively enhance the female breast without the need for surgery or even a bra. is known only to supply high quality breast lifts which are produced from a 3M medical adhesive, which has become the world’s first Bitcoin receiving lingerie reseller.
    Duits, who admits to owning some Bitcoins already, said, “Bitcoins become more widely accepted and we would like to contribute to make Bitcoin a worldwide accepted currency. Purchases of consumers who buy adhesive breast lifts which are paid with Bitcoins will be processed with PRIORITY and send straight away as well receive a discount code for the Bra Wallet as Bitcoins do not result in transaction costs.
    Priority for Bitcoin paying consumers might become a trend in the upcoming years to persuade consumers to pay with Bitcoins. Bitcoin paying consumers are more interesting due to the fact Bitcoin does not charge transaction costs.


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