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Healthcare Companies on Board for Blockchain Data Sharing

Two leading firms in intelligence and blockchain technology for healthcare are developing a platform for the storage and exchange of genomic data, reports Cointelegraph.

The companies will develop a platform to automate data acquisition, utilizing smart contracts, allowing data providers to store, manage, exchange, and profit from genomic and other types of clinical data. It hopes to cater to individuals and large data providers such as biobanks, allowing them to maintain ownership of genomic data and profit from it.

Longenesis targets lab tests results as one of its main areas of focus, developing a blockchain to store and exchange  important longitudinal health data. The company foresees that its work will establish two new fields of clinical study.

Earlier in March, Nasdaq reported that one of its listed companies, Genetic Technologies Limited, had partnered with a blockchain tech firm Shivom to build a “mass genomic data analysis” platform, purporting to allow users to “donate” their DNA for clinical research in a bid to accelerate cancer detection.

Healthcare and clinical research is an expanding area as doctors and hospitals increasingly need secure access to a patient’s entire health history. This new, rapidly evolving field provides fertile ground for experimentation, investment, and proof-of-concept testing.

New platforms are emerging almost daily such as a diagnostic blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, and a blockchain-powered platform designed to track and protect pharmaceutical data.

In April, US healthcare giant United Health Group announced a blockchain deployment to keep records up to date, examining “how sharing data across healthcare organizations on blockchain technology can improve data accuracy, streamline administration and improve access to care”.


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