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Paris Graffiti Artist Sets Cryptic Crypto Challenge

Paris Graffiti Artist Sets Cryptic Crypto Challenge

French graffiti artist Pascal Boyart is back with another Bitcoin conundrum, this time embedding the clues to a USD 1,000 price in his latest work “La liberté guidant le peuple 2019”.

Boyart says that the prize hidden somewhere in the art is the public wallet address containing BTC 0.28492509 (USD 1,150 at time of writing). The only trick is to find it. Others are now suggesting that donors put more in to make it a more worthwhile dip into the unknown.

Boyart is well known in the cryptosphere thanks to a graffiti mural he painted last year that included a QR code connected to his Bitcoin wallet so people could make donations to him. His initiative reportedly earned him USD 1,000 from donors.

At the end of last year, the crypto lover and artist organized a Paris exhibition where artists were given the mission to hide Bitcoin symbols within their work somewhere not easily visible to surprise buyers and attendees. Collaborating artists were given the challenge to identify how Bitcoin changes the relationship between artist and audience, and identify how it could liberate creative expressions.

One of the most significant blockchain developments in the art community is the ability it gives creators and buyers to track and prove ownership over pieces of work. Such events, according to Boyart, offer artists a unique opportunity for creative minds to explore how exactly the emerging technologies of blockchain and cryptocurrency may influence the art world.

Boyart’s latest challenge is hidden within the mural which is based on Delacroix’s original Revolutionary commentary of its day, Liberty Leading the People, but the artist is giving nothing away, saying, “…it’s up to you to find the wall and the solution to the puzzle.”


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