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French Crypto Artist Pascal Boyart Is At It Again With Faketoshi In His Sights

Bitcoin News has been following the work of French crypto artist Pascal Boyart with great interest, and he’s back with another controversial piece. This time, he is targeting the self-confessed and much-disputed founder of Bitcoin, Australian Craig Wright.

His latest work takes a swipe at Wright, now dubbed Faketoshi for his claims to be the brains behind the crypto that’s taken the financial world by storm and is currently making a dramatic comeback. The work, with no sense of irony at all, is completed on toilet paper where Wright’s portrait is displayed under lights with the words “Fake Satoshi” clearly emblazoned above the head of the claimant of cryptocurrencies greatest idea.

Boyart is always controversial, and never short of ideas when it comes to Bitcoin and blockchain-related artwork. The artist is probably best remembered for recent works such as embedding the clues to a USD 1,000 prize in ‘La liberté guidant le peuple 2019’. The prize hidden somewhere in the art was the public wallet address containing BTC 0.28492509.

At Bitcoin’s 10th birthday celebration in Paris last year, Boyart organized Art (r)evolution, calling it a unique opportunity for creative minds to explore how exactly the emerging technologies of blockchain and cryptocurrency may influence the art world. Contributing artists were asked to hide Bitcoin symbols within their work somewhere not easily visible to surprise buyers and attendees.

This is not the first time that Wright has had to wear biting criticism but in this piece, there are none of Boyart’s usual hidden messages, which clearly illustrates exactly where the artist is on the subject of Wright’s Satoshi claims.


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