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Breaking the Banking Monopoly: Kvantor to Unleash Freedom of Economic Trade

Banking and Financial institutions dealing in money are at a bottleneck when it comes to trading. They are the only form of setups that allow for trading at a national or international level. Individuals, firms and even countries are at the mercy of their operations. An outage of operations, whether accidental or deliberate cut off, leaves them stranded. In short, these financial firms hold the power to control the economy of peoples and governments.

Kvantor, Knight in Shining Armor

Kvantor is a decentralized platform that breaks the banking relationship between two parties intending to trade or transact funds. Based on blockchain, Kvantor gives a direct peer 2 peer connection, thereby making banks obsolete. As a decentralized platform, Kvantor has the following advantages over regular banking channels for trade:

  • Fast: Blockchain transactions are done in a matter of seconds and minutes, no matter how large the fund. Compared to banks, this saves precious time, where traditional international trade takes sometimes up to days, and even weeks to complete.
  • Secure: Another major advantage of blockchain technology is its military-level encryption and security. An ill intent attack on the system would require breaching into more than 51% of decentralized servers, making it a impossibility with current technology.
  • Cost: By eliminating intermediaries such as banks, Kvantor gives an opportunity to its users to save tons of money. No more middleman charges with Kvantor means users don’t have to shell out cash to profit seeking banks. The only cost is the transaction of the fund itself- a minor cost.

Kvantor Services

Kvantor, as a bank and financial institution disruptor, offers the following financial services:

  • Foreign Interbank Trade: Fiat and digital asset transfer between different banks through from different geological locations and political boundaries.
  • Exchange Trade: Exchange of currencies, fiat and crypto, commodities, agricultural, raw material and even precious metals.
  • Basic Banking: Simple services for trades such as bank transfers, funds clearance, guarantees, etc.

Tokenized Licenses

Kvantor has redefined the tokens in a blockchain system by making their a license to use for Results in Intellectual Activities (RIA). The licenses will determine a user’s share in the RIA. The license private distribution event is currently in progress, with it ending on 25th May, 2018. The exact value of licenses is equal to 1/1300th troy ounce of gold on the day of issuance. First 20% licenses issued carry a 40% discount.

The second phase of license distribution will start on 28th May, 2018 and will continue until 27th June, 2018. This phase will see an additional 40% of the licenses issued, but with a 20% discount this time. Target hardcap of event is 32,000,000 GBP.  Kvantor has the highest level of security by using blockchain, offering identity protection, automated smart contracts and transparency in all its activities, without limitations on physical and political locations. By breaking the hold of banks over traditional trading, it gives freedom to individuals, organizations and governments to trade without fear of funds held hostage.

For more information on the financial freedom fighter, visit their website:

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