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Kuende, A Social Network That Connects The Offline World With The Online, Adopts Blockchain

The internet has certainly changed how people interact with each other now. Social media platforms have truly made connecting with people, just a click away. Yet, out of this ease of connection, problems have surfaced that were not ever thought of when the technology first emerged.

People, especially the younger generation, are spending more and more time online, preferring a disconnected interaction, rather than go outside and physically meet people. This is leading to a greater social isolation and a lack of physical exercise.

Connecting The Online and Offline, Kuende

Kuende is a social media platform like none other. Founded in 2015, the social media platform’s unique approach towards giving the youth a platform to connect with like minded people and at the same time, adding a layer of gamifying the experience by actually physically meeting up for interactions and gameplay, has garnered a lot of attention. The platform was established with a private investment of $2,600,000 and now boasts in excess of 54,000 active users and nearly 20,000 different kinds of applications installed. All this without the need of any external marketing strategy or campaign.

Pavel Antohe, the CEO and founder of Kuende explains the concept and creation of the platform by saying “There’s something wrong in today’s social media landscape and users are looking for a better alternative. A social media that shifts the focus from heavily filtered posts that highlight a false glamorous reality to real, genuine projections of our real lives.

Kuende Takes Up Blockchain

The platform is shifting towards the blockchain technology, allowing for increased security and protection of data. The platform already has a policy of giving complete control to users over their data. With blockchain, they make this even more open and transparent.

With the recent news of social media platforms and other big corporations collecting information about their users and selling it off, user privacy is now a major concern. Today, most of social media platform users are the youth and with them uploading and sharing everything online, this has become and alarming situation for them.

Kuende tackles both issues of social isolation and privacy protection.

KUE and Token Distribution

The Kuende platform, with its adoption of blockchain, allows for users to use app services by paying through their native tokens, the KUE. Currently, the KUE is running its private distribution event. Users and investors must fulfill a KYC and sign a SAFT agreement before being eligible to participate. The event will end on 31st May, 2018. The Kuende platform has not announced a rate for the tokens in the private sale and will inform users after the end of the event.

There is also a 30% bonus in the private event. The bonus tokens will be released after the main event is over (dates to be announced later on). Of the 356,000,000,000 KUE tokens ever to be made, half of them will be available for backers in the two sales. 15% of the tokens will be reserved for a Community Pool, which will be used for future programmes for sustaining the economy of the platform.

For more information, visit the Kuende website:

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