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Twitter CEO Hooked by Bitcoin’s “Beautiful” White Paper

Billionaire and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently revealed his fascination for Bitcoin after studying its “beautiful” white paper. He iterated that Bitcoin and blockchain is the future of world economics and will bring in a new technological revolution.

Dorsey, who is also the CEO mobile payments company Square, expressed his views on the Tales from the Crypt podcast hosted by Marty Bent. On the podcast, Dorsey also spilled some private moments of his journey to the top, such as how he first got interested in cryptography as a kid back in St Louis, Missouri.

“We had a super-active hacker culture there,” he recalled.

Dorsey revealed that he was a part of cypherpunk mailing list and it is through that channel that he received the brilliantly-drafted Bitcoin whitepaper sent by the mysterious Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Dorsey admitted that Nakamoto’s explanation of the cryptocurrency’s mechanics blew his mind.

“Read it, thought it was beautiful. I think it was one of the most seminal works in the past 20 years in computer science.”

Dorsey also said that while he admired the idea ofBbitcoin, he didn’t become a part of it until January 2017. It all began when he attended the Cash App Hack Week. In that event, he collaborated with an engineer named Mike Brock and created a payment mechanism using the cryptocurrency.

Dorsey recently Tweeted

Here’s a pic from first day of @CashApp hack week. @brockm @dhanji

— jack (@jack) May 16, 2018

He added,

“I wanted to figure out if we could store Bitcoin and then go across the street — and using our Apple Pay card —  be able to spend that Bitcoin to buy a cup of coffee. The following week, I actually bought coffee with it, which was really cool.”

Dorsey explained how his hands-on interaction with the technology helped him realize that “there was so much potential” in Bitcoin and its applications.

The Twitter CEO has expressed admiration for Bitcoin and blockchain before. Last month, he predicted that Bitcoin will become the currency of the internet.


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