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Decentralized Digital Asset management Platform IP Gold Shifts To NEM, Announces Bonus During Token Distribution For The First 24 Hours

Digital asset management is only as efficient and manageable as the ecosystem it runs on. IP Gold, a digital asset management company, understands this. The platform is already running on Ethereum’s backbone. However, it has recently decided to shift its whole system on one of the most efficient blockchain ecosystem available: NEM.

NEM Selection

The company, after careful study of all the platforms and networks available, decided to migrate itself to the NEM network. Although already running on the much more popular and well established Ethereum network, the company realized that with nearly every other platform and company using the largest decentralized network as its backbone, Ethereum is getting strained and overloaded with hundreds of tokens and dApps. The most famous example has been the CryptoKittes DApp, which nearly brought Ethereum to a halt when a huge number of users started downloading and using the decentralized application.

A long term viability was required for the company to continue operating and providing its services without worry of network slowing down. NEM, an alternative with more scalability, higher level of security, lower transaction costs yet higher transaction per time and increased corporate features was the perfect solution.

David Greishaber, CIO IP Gold said, “The proven scalability, support, and security of the NEM blockchain offers the most future-proof platform for the IPG token and IP Gold community. NEM’s peer-to-peer architecture, proof of importance (POI) algorithm, encryption and multisig account support made it the obvious choice for IP Gold’s long-term goals.”


IP Gold is already holding public token distribution event and has decided to give a bonus of 50% for the first 24 hours (3rd July) of the switch. Currently the TGE is in progress and the exchange rate has been established at 1 IPG = 1 USD. The bonus means that for every dollar backed, investors will receive half a IPG. The event is seeing 13,000,000,000 IPG up for grabs and will continue till 10th of July.

About IP Gold

Of the many digital assets, IP addresses have turned out to be the most valuable. IP Gold is a digital asset company that specializes in monetizing this lucrative sector. IP are regularly leased and traded on the international market. IP Gold takes that simple concept and leverages the blockchain technology to not only streamline the marketplace, but reduce overheads and bring efficiencies to the system.

With 4,300,000 IPv4 IP addresses possible, less than 4% are left available. The increased demand of IPs and the dwindling demand has led to an increased value of the internet addresses. IP Gold banks on this and allows anyone with ownership to an IP that is not being currently used to rent out and earn from it, which would be otherwise not generating an income.

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