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Blockchain Financial Ecosystem INGOT COIN Announces $40 Million Soft Cap Raise

Fintech startup INGOT Coin has announced the successful conclusion of its pre-token generation event, recording a full achievement of its soft cap target of $40 million thanks to the participation of more than 6,000 individual contributors.

From the very beginning, INGOT Coin has been firmly focused on its mission and its dedication and commitment has been rewarded by the faith of each and every one of the 6,273 project backers, as apparent from the success of the pre-token sale. The team behind INGOT Coin would like to express its gratitude for the trust and confidence of all the contributors, and are now equipped with fresh belief and impetus to reach its hard cap target until the end of the token sale at August 11th, 2018.

Meanwhile, INGOT Coin will continue even harder to bring awareness of its platform and vision to meet newer, larger audiences, so that its hard cap target can be achieved. It’s not too late to back INGOT Coin and be a part of its future by participating in the token sale and access INGOT Coin’s full-feature ecosystem.

INGOT Coin: bringing the future financial era a step closer

With this significant milestone, the goal of INGOT Coin comes ever closer to establish a new financial ecosystem as never before done, using blockchain innovation to connect emerging crypto markets with established financial markets.

INGOT Coin represents a fully integrated suite of wallet, bank, brokerage, exchange and token sale accelerator. It is a complete financial ecosystem that is the first of its kind built on the blockchain, taking down all the existing inefficiencies of current markets while giving participants a single convergence for performing and executing transactions as and when they require.

Emboldened by its early success, INGOT Coin has ambitions to be a top ten cryptocurrency, giving it a stage to accelerate its development and adoption of its vision across the world.

The INGOT Coin team is driven to create and build an internationally connected community of members, operating in a system of transparency and honesty enshrined by trust and cooperation. They believe that the individual’s right to control their own decisions must be protected and upheld, whether for personal, social or financial decisions. Its solution of a revolutionary financial markets and gateway solution will build this dream ecosystem that is inclusive for all.

Harmonizing its efforts with other members of the Komorebi Alliance, INGOT Coin benefits from the diverse range of pooled business expertise, technology, networking and operational excellence to provide its users with even more utility in easy and simple ways.

To learn more about the INGOT Coin mission and values, visit the INGOT Coin website. Check out the members of the INGOT Coin development team behind the platform or read their insight on Medium. Connect and interact with the INGOT Coin communities all over the world on Telegram and BitcoinTalk.


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