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Tens of Millions View Blockchain Advertising During World Cup

Anybody watching the World Cup on UK’s commercial TV over the past weeks could not have missed the Hyundai Digital Asset Company’s (HDAC) blockchain commercial, between and during matches.

It was quite possibly the first TV ad to bring the world’s notice to blockchain on UK television, which is broadcast to numerous countries around the globe via free to air satellite. Created in Switzerland’s Crypto Valley, the ad reached tens of millions of households with its message: there’s something called blockchain out there, and it may change the way you live your life. It’ll certainly run your household, without so much as a lifted finger.

HDAC certainly had the captive audience, as it needed to, with ads on Britain’s ITV reporting to run at around USD 300,000 per airing for just over 30 seconds. With 80 time slots booked over the 2018 tournament, this represented a massive capital outlay.

The ad features a typical family, complete with dog, in a home run by holographic imagery and inter-communicating domestic equipment. Critics may say the ad says nothing about blockchain technology, save just simply using the B word itself, missing the opportunity to explain to millions just what the decentralized system can do.

However, with estimates of viewership, along with overall World Cup awareness around the world, including nearly half the human population on earth, the company has certainly got its message out there, even if viewers didn’t absorb what little information it was actually offering or how blockchain might be worthy of further investigation.

The company, HDAC, which is pushing its blockchain solutions, is a subsidiary of Hyundai and is not well known as was founded in 2017 by the nephew of the parent company’s current CEO. There is significantly more information on the website than in the wordy TV advertisement, considering it was aimed at householders and not tech experts. It suggested:

“The technology can be applied to smart factories, smart homes, smart buildings, and various industries. Machine to machine transactions “for mutual contracts and operation between IoT devices are implemented to bring a platform where rational consumptions and transactions are possible”.”

However complex for most to absorb, so little about either cryptocurrency (which is normally bad news) or blockchain technology hits mainstream TV advertising. It’s quite possible that the ad will be regarded by some in the industry as a major step in the right direction in terms of disseminating accurate information about life-changing new technologies, even if the information needs further explanation.


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