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Hybrix Brings Original Meaning of Crypto Back At San Fran Blockchain Week


While this year’s San Francisco Blockchain week has come to a close, the actions of one of the parties there, hybrix, have not been forgotten. hybrix has been working on spreading the word on their new Crypto Unity manifesto, and how it will bring the people in crypto together.

Representatives of the non-profit blockchain solutions company were seen handing out golden sealed letters to those in attendance. The contents included a call to action for all those gathered there, urging them to support and push for the ability to choose, stating that money shouldn’t be monopolized.

As government and large corporations are getting their hands into cryptocurrency and blockchain, the ethos and meaning of economic freedom that Satoshi originally instilled have slowly been eroded.

That’s also why, in addition to the golden sealed letters, people wearing Phantom of the Opera masks were spotted at random, appearing to participants, speaking to them about unifying the competitive sector that cryptocurrency is. While the masks symbolize anonymity, they also show a simpler side to cryptocurrency.

The Freedom of Money

Cryptocurrency wasn’t made to make early adopters rich nor to make a quick buck through pump and dumps, but rather as a way to truly be in control of your money.  

This meant being able to access your money from anywhere, and only by you or authorized parties. In addition, low transaction fees that don’t care about where you are sending from, or where you are sending to. Lastly, a higher degree of privacy that would help keep financial and personal information more secure through pseudo-anonymity.

Everything else came second – using blockchain as a data storage system for elections, notaries, etc. Tokenization of real estate or asset-backed cryptocurrencies.

If you’re not able to securely access those coins, transfer them as you wish, and not be singled out when you do anything with them, the cool bells and whistles don’t have the same shine.

It was the reminder of these original values that ensured hybrix’s guerilla marketing was met with positive responses and the message of hybrix has begun to spread.

So what is hybrix?

hybrix plans to connect the segmented communities within crypto through its inclusive, accessible, and open-source decentralized ledger. Through hybrix’s technology, it hopes that its Manifesto of crypto unity will slowly transform from good intentions to reality.

The technology allows a developer to work on 31 chains through one tool, without having to learn a new SDK for each chain. In this way, developers can take advantage of the unique benefits that each chain has to offer, improve cross-chain compatibility, and help bridge existing chain services together through this tool.

One of the most successful live examples utilizing hybrix’s technology would be the cryptocurrency wallet Internet of Coins. Touted as a simple and secure wallet, IoC boasts support for 31 blockchains and a dizzying 381 tokens.

And similar to the Crypto Unity manifesto, IoC’s goal is to support all cryptocurrencies, assuming that they are running on a nonproprietary blockchain.

Hybrix has some documentation on its website to help interested developers, as well as software for users looking to run nodes to help support the network. The company was founded in 2014 and has since then garnered continued interest and has won 2 grants and raised over three million USD without venture capital.

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