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From Coal to Crypto in Australia’s South-West as New Era of Mining Arrives

The buoyant Australian cryptocurrency market is in the news again with the construction of a new crypto mining facility in Australia’s south-west corner.

The target for this new facility is the Western Australian coal mining town of Collie just 200 kilometers south of the state capital Perth. Collie once referred to as a “dirty mining town” is mainly known as a coal-producing center but also offers industrial, agricultural and aquaculture tourism industries.

The center is a project devised by DC Two and its subsidiary crypto firm D Coin who have announced it as “the first behind the grid data center in Australia powered primarily from renewable energy sources”. The center will be powered by a solar farm built by Hadouken Pty.

DC Two’s aim is to host cryptocurrency mining and high redundancy zones for traditional IT workloads. A company statement said:

“By providing customized low-cost hosting options specifically engineered for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining at globally competitive rates, DC Two and D Coin have been able to attract the interest of both the local and international crypto mining community.”

The aim is to keep international cryptocurrency miners within the country rather than being lured overseas. This is the second of its kind that has been proposed in Australia this year after mining hardware distributor Royalti Blockchain Group (RBG) signed a contract to build a crypto mining complex in a decommissioned power station in Hunter Valley, New South Wales worth USD 142 million.

The South-West complex in Collie due to come online next year will draw an expected power supply of up to 4MW. The installations are expected to service 256 IT racks, with each rack delivering up to 30KW.

“In complete crypto mining configuration, using the initial 4MW power availability, the data center could mine about 650 Bitcoins per annum worth around USD 6 million based on current mining and exchange rates,” DC Two explained.


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