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Zen Finds a Place in the Lives of Venezuelan Refugees

Refugees fleeing financially crippled Venezuela are finding some solace after being introduced to cryptocurrency with support from two blockchain companies.

Non-profit blockchain firm Cripto Conserje and US company Horizen (formerly ZenCash) have combined to create an education program for Venezuelan refugees fleeing the country to neighboring Columbia.

Hyperinflation is rampant in Venezuela and as a result, Bitcoin trading volume keeps hitting new records each week. Meanwhile, authorities are scratching their heads on how to rein in the burgeoning, albeit underground industry, including attempts to crackdown on the import of cryptocurrency mining equipment.

Yet again, cryptocurrency has become the go-to method of circumnavigating the all but worthless local currency, the Bolivar, with Zen becoming the latest to appear on the Venezuelan market. With over 2 million refugees crossing into Columbia since the economic crisis began, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dash have been Venezuelans only viable and usable method of purchasing daily necessities.

Cripto Conserje’s Alpha Project has been set up to increase cryptocurrency adoption in Latin America, especially in the border town of Cucuta, and is hoping to encourage more Venezuelans to turn to crypto. A company statement has said:

“Together we are providing ZEN paper wallets and education to those in need, ensuring they have secure ways to access and control their money no matter where they are and what situation they are in…We are also onboarding 100 local merchants to begin accepting ZEN as payments.”

The solution to the country’s economic plight was thought to be President Maduro’s launching of the Petro, a national cryptocurrency backed by Venezuela’s oil wealth, but the Petro has been rarely encountered, is untradeable, and consequently rendered completely ineffective to deal with the ongoing crisis.

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Mexico Gets Its First Ever Blockchain Event: Viva La Crypto!

Mexico will be hosting its first ever blockchain event Viva la Crypto! this year on November 20 and 21 in Monterrey. The organizer, 25-year-old engineer Angelica Villarreal, hopes the event will be an opportunity for Mexico to become a globally recognized center for blockchain.

Speaking to Coin Rivet, Villarreal said that unfortunately many cryptocurrency investors and industry heavyweights fail to see the potential in Mexico. One of the difficulties she has found in organizing the event has been to even get recognition for the country as a place full of talent and potential. ”That’s another reason Viva la Crypto is so important” she said.

Villarreal has made a name for herself in the industry after just three years in the space, and now heads Horizen (formerly ZenCash) that operates across Latin America. As the lead organizers of Mexico’s first blockchain event, she hopes to bring together an inclusive crowd of 1,500 men and women to listen to the dozen or so prominent speakers.

The event has gained a large amount of media traction, she said, adding, ”We’ve had enormous interest from people, organizations as well as the media, which has led us to plan our next national campaign to promote this unique event further.” This will certainly be a significant opportunity for exposure to Mexican talents on the international stage.

Planning began in January when Villarreal jumped on the opportunity to create a blockchain-focused event in her local city, with Mexico City being the target for 2019.

Speakers at the event

Among the list of prominent speakers at the event are:

Arnaud Saint Paul: As the founder an director of, Paul is recognized as a socially conscious blockchain expert and philanthropist. He will give a lecture on blockchain and its social Impact.

Alexandra Levin: She holds a position as the Chief Diversity Officer at the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance. With a background in global finance, her speech will be dedicated to international regulation in blockchain and cryptocurrencies:

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