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Hada DBank Marches Forward in Light of New Partnerships, Milestones, and Developments

Malaysia based project Hada Dbank has been busy making strides forward in preparation for the decentralized banking platforms launch. Recent updates for the platform include an update to their HADACoins, with new tokens distributed to all previously holding token holders. The update was made to offer enhanced security and functionality, as well as revised coding to comply with Ethereums’ ERC20 current token standards.

The website is also going through a redesign at the moment, which should bring additional accessibility and security for users.

Partnerships, Licenses, and Future Roadmap

Hada DBank’s latest partner was in September, which saw a new strategic alliance with Secure Coin Broker (SCB), who will be working with Hada DBank as a HADADBank OTC Partner.

SCB is a company specializing with large and small block trades, as well as offering secure custodial services thanks to escrow partners. On top of that, SCB provides turn-key white label software solutions to ICO’s, exchanges, as well as FX operators. Michael Buchbinder, Partner Secure Coin Broker, stated;

“Secure Coin Broker is looking forward to working with Hada DBank and its clients offering them quick and easy ways to acquire or liquidate their digital asset holdings.”

After the announcement with SCB, last month brought forth pleasant updates of its own. Hada DBank management initiated the process of acquiring a Euro Banking License from an EU Country Member. Currently, the project is now in the final stages of picking a consultant who will assist them in obtaining the license.

This process is estimated to 6 months or more, with procedures and documentation from the host country, as well as approval from the European Central Bank. With headquarters setup in Switzerland, registration of the stronghold will be done simultaneously during the application, not the EU Banking licenses.

Expanding Horizons

Furthermore, expansion into Asian markets will be made through a regional base in Indonesia. With 227 million of the 290 million residents living in the area being Muslim, Indonesia presents an ideal market for Hada DBank to make its first footholds in this vital market. Penetration into Middle and North Africa (MENA) are expected to begin in late 2018, or early 2019. Regardless, a regional office in the area will be constructed by the third quarter of next year.

Other projects for the startup include an academic partnership with an international university as well as the drafting of a 24-month expansion plan which includes a future technology hub.

For information about Hada DBank, visit their website.

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Blockchain Eases the Way in World of Islamic Finance

Islamic banking which carries with it higher administrative costs than conventional banking could be benefited with the implementation of blockchain technology.

The two basic principles behind Islamic banking are the sharing of profit and loss and, significantly, the prohibition of the collection and payment of interest.

Blockchain-based banking is considered the next frontier in banking that will usher in a new era of decentralization and disrupt the centralized banking system. Islamic banking is a USD 3 trillion industry worldwide particularly popular in North African, South Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Its principles involve zero interest rates and focus on more control of one’s finances than the conventional banking system.

Financial Institutions such as Hada DBank, a promising new startup, will help increase transparency and bring back control to the average Islamic Bank user. For this purpose, Hada DBank is involved in various corporate partnerships that are cementing the bank’s status as the premier blockchain Islamic bank.

However, fees are an issue in traditional Islamic banking, the main reason being that the system requires higher transactional costs which cover some legal and administrative processes not required in conventional banking.

Blockchain banking in automating some of these processes due to encoding terms and including them in its smart contract system can alleviate some of the associated legal and administrative processes, reducing both cost and the risk of fraud.

In Islamic banking, all financial transactions must comply with Sharia Law, where debt cannot be created unless backed with underlying assets. Mining is acceptable as there is no aspect of either debt or lending involved in the process.  According to Islamic law, items falling under the ribawi category (such as gold or silver) must be exchanged in equal measure and with immediate transfer of possession, otherwise, transactions may involve riba or usury, a major prohibition in Islam.

UAE-based startup Adab Solutions has launched the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange that operates with full Sharia law compliance. The exchange will be overseen by an in-house Sharia Advisory Board (SAB) comprised of independent experts that will ensure the operations unfailingly remain within the jurisdiction of Islamic law.

As the fastest growing religion in the world, with Muslims now representing 23% of the world’s population, Bitcoin has become an important issue for financial authorities. Last year, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) held its first formal discussion about Islamic banking needs in the Muslim community for the first time.


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Hada DBank Announces Its Token Will Be Listed On the DigiPeso Cryptocurrency Exchange

Hada DBank continues to accumulate support as its reputation grows as one of the more highly regarded crypto-related projects out there. Indeed, Hada DBank is currently rated 4.0 on ICObench for the “product” and “team” categories coupled with a perfect 5.0 rating for its vision.

Besides that, Hada DBank has also secured the support of some top-tier people including fintech investor David Drake and recently established a partnership with another blockchain-based project in Uberstate.

DigiPeso Reaches out to Hada DBank

The Belgium-based cryptocurrency exchange, DigiPeso, first contacted Hada DBank about listing their digital currency, HADA Coin. According to the official press release, Danny Wirken, partner of DigiPeso, reached out to Hada DBank and exchanged conversations with them regarding a potential listing.

To Hada DBank, this is an extremely important development in their maturation process as it seems to confirm an interest in their project among important institutions within the crypto sphere.

Generally speaking, when a crypto startup first starts out it often has to find exchanges that will list their tokens before a demand really emerges for it.

This often creates a catch-22 type problem for them, as a firm usually needs to demonstrate an apparent demand before an exchange is willing to list their currency, and to generate a demand they often need their currency to be listed somewhere.

Hada DBank Proud To Announce DigiPeso Listing

Hisyam Mokhtar, HADA DBank Chairman & Interim CEO, commented on HADA Coin being listing on DigiPeso — emphasizing the fact that it was DigiPeso that had first approached them:

“It’s a very proud moment for us to share that the DigiPeso wished to list us on its exchange and we didn’t hesitate to accept the proposal. Both of us share the same vision for blockchain technology and are confident of its bright future in the next few years.

About DigiPeso

According to the official press release, DigiPeso is “one of the most esteemed crypto exchanges today.” In addition to being a cryptocurrency exchange, the startup also offers other crypto-related services that include mobile apps, wallets, OTC and liquidity solutions for delivery & leveraged trading.

Furthermore, the company also provides custom technology development and professional services for startups and and existing organizations. Thus, offering a diverse selection of products for both enterprise and end-user customers.

Crowd Sale Details

Hada DBank’s token pre-sale is currently live, with an ongoing flash sale for the 1st one million tokens going up for sale at 1ETH = 3,000 HADACoin.

Learn more on the Hada DBank website – on Twitter at

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Hada DBank Updates on Token Sale and New Partnership with Vostad

Hada DBank’s token sale went live on the 1st of May 2018, and will come to a close on the 31st of May 2018 aiming to sell 50,000,000 HADACoins. These will all be sold through Hada DBanks exclusive partner F1Cryptos.

Seven days into the Hada token event, Vostad came forward and solidified their strategic partnership, with Zahid Rashid Mir joining the Hada DBanks board of advisors.

Vostad believe Hada DBank has the potential and a dynamic business module to push forward the cryptocurrency economy in the banking sector. The team behind the Hada DBank project has been working with high ambitions and a determination to push forward the project globally. Vostad intends to support this vision, and will work hand in hand with Hada DBank to ensure quality innovative products and services are made available to the public.


Chairman and Managing Director for Vostad Global, Zahid Rashid Mir, is well known for being a young and dynamic business leader, deal maker and technology enthusiast. Today Mr. Mir is responsible for overseeing the company’s investor services and building new partnerships worldwide.

Mr. Mir has over a decade of international management experience and has developed, managed and trained teams; he has been involved with helping facilitate more than 500 million dollars in business deals.

The Vostad team helps facilitate deals, securing partnerships, raising capital, closing sales, exploring new markets and secure and educate employees. First established in Bangalore, VOSTAD has a solid portfolio raising over USD 1,000,000,000 worth of deals. The team is connected with over 50,000 global executives through more than 200 proprietary business platforms. VOSTAD is the pioneer and only company who conducts the Blockchain Summits for Islamic Banking and Finance (BIBSUMMIT) globally.

The Vostad and Hada DBank Partnership

The strategic partnership between Hada DBank and Vostad aims at bringing blockchain technology into mainstream IT circles as well as the general public at-large.

The Hada team is excited to have Mr. Mir and Vostad joining the ever expanding Hada Dbank team of advisors and partners. Hada DBank plans to utilize their experience, hoping to expedite the process to introduce Hada DBank and Products to the mainstream market.

Aiming to expand throughout the Middle East where they have extensive experience in dealing with that market. Additionally, they are working on convincing future investors to participate in the Hada project going forward.  

The Hada DBank Token Sale
The FIRST 1,000,000 HADACoins will be priced at 3,000 HADA per 1 ETH. The normal price structure will be in effect for the remaining units at 1 ETH per 1,500 HADA. There will be a minimum contribution of 0.15 ETH per transaction. Following the success of its Pre-sale, Hada DBanks aims to reach its soft cap at 5,000 ETH and hard cap 30,000 ETH respectively to further progress at a desirable pace.

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