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HassOnline Continues to Transform Crypto Trading Automation with New Visual Designer and HaasScript

The extreme and frequent volatility of blockchain-based digital assets continues to be an oft-cited hurdle towards mainstream crypto adoption. This is particularly because dollar values attached to them are hard to predict, making it difficult for merchants to accept crypto as payment, since most business and commerce are still settled against fiat value.

However, it is this very aspect of Bitcoin and its crypto cousins that make it so attractive to price speculators and investors. The potential for Bitcoin to make massive and sudden price movements is well-known, yet this potential has yet to be fully leveraged by the majority of the trading community who are still caught up in manual methods of matching orders.

Don’t miss easy opportunities because you’re trading manually

In the fast-moving world of online crypto trading, where seconds can be the difference between realized profit and missed opportunity, speed, and accuracy in order-matching are critical to ensuring that every trading potential is taken advantage of.

Today, the modern crypto trader is busy analyzing patterns and monitoring trends, with almost no time left for manual execution of orders. The trader is the brains, crafting and refining trading approaches and tactics, and leaving it to bots and predefined scripts to carry out their trading strategies.

With trade bots, orders are placed automatically, trades are executed as soon as the right conditions are triggered, and faster than any human trader could achieve. Well made scripts with optimum conditions also ensure fewer mistakes are made, minimizing human error and completely eliminating emotional factors that affect human traders. 

Sophisticated script making for automated crypto trading: Visual Editor and HaasScript 2.0

From the creators of the world’s first automated Bitcoin trading bot, HaasOnline introduces the world’s most advanced automated trading scripting language, HaasScript 2.0. HaasScript powers their easy-to-use Visual Editor, which lets traders design algorithms by drag-and-dropping visual command blocks that automatically generate script code instead of having to manually develop a script in a text-editor.

Using their new visual algorithm designer, traders no longer need to develop their automated trade scripts using complicated programming languages. Simply drag-and-drop the visual command blocks from a library of over six hundred commands and build your own custom crypto trading script in minutes.

With virtually limitless tweaking and customization, HaasScript 2.0 bears similar syntax to other popular scripting languages, ensuring familiarity with experienced traders. With improved memory management, managed and unmanaged trading, and price fetching at multiple intervals, never before has there been a scripting tool more complex, more customizable, and yet so easy to use when creating scripts for technical indicators or automated trading strategies.

Experience what it means to be able to design and develop scripts tailored to your own technical indicators and your own trade strategies. Create automated trade bots or technical indicators in minutes, minimizing your risk of coding errors, while improving your debugging and testing of script logic using command block visualization.

When you’re ready, easily deploy your scripts across dozens of high quality crypto exchanges while simultaneously monitoring your positions and trading bot activity. Automate trade strategies on spot, trading or leverage markets. If the selected exchange platforms support your desired trading methods, you can execute automated scripts through HaasOnline Trade Server and it will take care of everything.

Use HaasBots to identify rare opportunities that come and go in mere seconds. Now, trading arbitrage (taking advantage of price discrepancies across various exchanges), scalping (taking advantage of small price gaps between bid and ask price), and even catching flash crashes are opportunities to increase your profit margins.

Did we mention, you don’t even need prior programming experience to build your first automated script? 

About the company

Founded by the Haas brothers from the Netherlands, HaasOnline found global recognition in 2014 when they released the first Bitcoin crypto trading bot, commonly referred to as the HaasBot. From humble beginnings to now serving thousands of active traders, HaasOnline Trade Server (HTS) has transformed into a robust suite of tools that has been downloaded and installed over 500,000 times since 2014. This growth was boosted by the explosion of interest in automated crypto trading on exchanges after the famous 2017 Bitcoin bull run.

Now in its third full-feature version, and with the newly-added Visual Editor powered by the latest HaasScript, anyone can drag-and-drop command blocks to design their favorite strategies created with a robust and reliable scripting language. Then, backtest, paper trade, and debug with the Visual Editor’s detailed reports, so you can deploy your scripts in the utmost confidence on dozens of crypto exchanges.

For a detailed explanation of HaasOnline Trade Server’s Visual Editor and HaasScript, visit HaasOnline.

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