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HaasBot Automated Trading Puts an End to Sleepless Nights with New Version Set for Q4

HaasBot Automated Trading Puts an End to Sleepless Nights with New Version Set for Q4

The HTS Haasonline Trade Server has made its mark in the industry, with thousands of active users now won over by the company’s fully-featured “work whilst you sleep” trading platform.

With an announcement that Version 4 is scheduled for later this year, those traders who are unable to devote time to being tied to round the clock monitoring of their trading will be gaining another level of security and peace of mind from what has become a premier cryptocurrency trading platform.

Trading bots introduce another facet to online trading and as a result, 24/7 trading is fast becoming obsolete with companies like Haasonline providing new innovative services. Those new to the industry and to cryptocurrency trading can also be beneficiaries of Haas’s use of bot technology, allowing them to learn the skills of trading whilst gaining the protection of a valuable backstop capable of infallibly completing the trade if human error intervenes.

Instant trading is guaranteed with HTS, and once fully automated, traders can trade 365 days a year using their own nominated trading strategy. These HTS fully integrated features are designed for ease of use and to ensure complete trading confidence.

HaasBots can use technical indicators like RSI, MACD, and Fibonacci. As well as proprietary Safeties and Insurances to keep user investments safe. Historical and Real-Time Backtesting enables the trader to use historical and real-time data to simulate their custom HaasBot’s trade strategies. These can also monitor how HaasBot performs in an often volatile market, whilst adapting to varying conditions.

The company offers its users a range of plans from Beginner to Advanced pre-built bot types and supports trading on all major cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform also benefits by being capable of a simple adaptation for unsupported exchanges utilizing a HaasBot API driver.

The HaasOnline team has listened to its users; the benefits of this to their community is that the software is fully supported, even to extent of releasing the HaasOnline Software wiki to enable a smooth set up. The wiki is complete with extensive tutorials, definitions, and guidelines to support users through mastering the 3.0 version software.

CEO Stephan de Haas has clearly not sold his customers short, offering up to 15 different bots from those that work with a portfolio of cryptocurrencies to those that specialize in cryptocurrencies with a higher market price to the Flash Crash Bot, a popular bot which sets pre-orders above and/or below a specified base price.

With an update set for this year, HaasBot is staying ahead of the field for 2019, as it hones its already successful formula.


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