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Website Claims “Live Unveiling” of Satoshi Nakamoto on 14th May 2019

Website Claims _Live Unveiling_ of Satoshi Nakamoto on 14th May 2019

A new website launched over the weekend is making its rounds on social media and crypto circles, making a bold claim to launch a “live unveiling” of the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

The countdown begins. #gotsatoshi

— gotsatoshi (@gotsatoshi) April 25, 2019

The website, Twitter and hashtag all bear the #gotsatoshi tag. A live countdown is also on the website, which apparently means that the revelation will happen on 14 May, 3.50pm (GMT).

There has been no one claiming to own or manage the website, although it appears that BitcoinSV has denounced the website as “a joke”, seemingly ruling out Craig Wright, who has himself claimed to be Satoshi, as an association.

this account is a joke, Craig S Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto #Bitcoin (BSV)

— Future Bitcoinˢᵛ (@FutureBitcoinSV) May 3, 2019

Another clue lies in the Twitter account details, which also denies being associated to Craig Wright and hints at some possible association with notorious crypto influencer John McAfee. McAfee himself has recently claimed to have knowledge of who the real Satoshi Nakamoto is, along with at least 11 others:

Enough is enough! There at least a dozen crypto adherents who know the true identity of Satoshi. I can assure you, 100%, it is NOT Craig Wright. This absurd claim of Craig’s is incomprehensible. Mr wright: Have you no shame? Seriously sir! Have you no shame?

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) April 16, 2019

He had initially promised to reveal the identity of the father of Bitcoin:

“I protected the identity of Satoshi. It’s time, though, that this be put to bed. Imposters claim to be him, we are spending time and energy in search of him – It’s a waste. Every day I will narrow down the identity of Satoshi until he reveals himself, or I reveal him.”

He later said he had changed his mind, on legal advice from his attorney.

Will we finally see the issue of Satoshi put to bed in 11 days? Judging from how long the Satoshi drama has been going on, we expect not.


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