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Ethereum Core Devs Plan Upgrade in Secret

Ethereum core developers have reportedly met multiple times in secret to plan an as yet undisclosed upgrade to the network, hoping to provide a short-term scaling solution.

The so-called ”Ethereum 1x” upgrade was discussed on four occasions during the Devcon4 conference that took place at the end of October. On one occasion, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin and co-founder Joseph Lubin were both in attendance.

The minutes for these meetings were published on Github by an engineer of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Greg Colvin on 23 November, and CoinDesk claims one attendee has verified its authenticity, although they wished to remain anonymous.

They said the proposals for the upgrade were not mature enough to be shared with the public yet, while the documents indicate a clash in ideas over how to manage community feedback regarding early-stage technical proposals.

Colvin’s motivation for sharing the internal documents may have arisen from the Ethereum blockchain’s responsibility to establish a general consensus from software users before implementing any rule changes, as is the case with all public blockchains.

What changes were discussed?

While the minutes do not show any final decisions were made, the following changes were discussed:

  • A system-wide upgrade or hard fork in June 2019
  • Replacing Ethereum’s EVM that processes smart contracts
  • Introducing storage fees for smart contracts
  • Replace the EVM with an eWASM for accelerated processing

Overall, the document has a sense of urgency for which the changes must take place, with as much public feedback as possible. We should be able to hear more about the changes from the core development team themselves soon, however, as Buterin argued he is ”uncomfortable with institutional private calls and absolutely against private forum[s].”


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Microsoft Acquires Coder Hangout GitHub for $7.5 Billion

There have long been rumors that Microsoft would acquire renowned software repository giant GitHub. Today, Microsoft confirmed the acquisition.

As per the sources, Microsoft has acquired GitHub by issuing USD 7.5 billion in stock. The deal was announced and sealed sooner than most software developers and antagonists expected.

This step by Microsoft may be described by many as going back to its roots. Microsoft was co-founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen to provide a platform where software products can be developed. Additionally, they aim to provide a path for programmers to program their projects.

Microsoft restricted its source code, but competition from open-source code providers like GitHub, and the resultant high-end open source projects have given Microsoft cause for concern. Skeptics have it that this is Microsoft’s smart strategy of monopolizing the coding market.

Satya Nadella, current Microsoft CEO, is credited with engineering the deal. Nadella has lately been mentioning the acquisition as a done deal in his speeches. Last year, he was quoted saying that the company wanted to bring on board something developers could use to bring impact to the society. He is noted for bringing on board coding initiatives since he took over in 2014.

Elsewhere, many developers of the open source coding community have reportedly opposed the acquisition, citing code decentralization as their next biggest impediment, having relied on the open source code for their projects. Some blockchain project developers who have been using GitHub appear to be unhappy with the acquisition and suggest that they may seek an alternative after the acquisition.

However, Satya Nadella has downplayed this emerging issue as the unintended consequences of acquiring GitHub. “We do not want to distract ourselves without meaning or purpose,” said the Microsoft CEO, who furthered his argument, citing Huxley’s words on the classic novel 1984.


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