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Teen Rapper Lil Pump Pushes Online Merchandising with Bitcoin

Forbes 30 Under 30 newbie teen rapper AKA Lil Pump is moving with the times making purchases on his website available to Bitcoiners.

The 18-year-old Colombian-American rapper Gazzy García, who now has 1.2 million followers on Twitter, and if that’s not enough, another 17.8 million on Instagram, is giving his merchandizing a 21st century feel with Bitcoin payment now being available to fans after memorabilia.

The fact that fans can now pick up their Lil Pump T-shirts or keychains online with Bitcoin is sure to meet with approval with young Bitcoiners. More importantly, by opening up to blockchain technology and accepting Bitcoin payments on his online store, he is sure to attract new adherents to these technologies that otherwise would be limited to purchasing using online store cards or debit cards.

The move coming after YouTube’s number one star PewDiePie moved to a decentralized platform is certainly in line with artists starting to pick up on young adopters as a new market for crypto. Earlier this month the Swedish YouTube star found a new home on blockchain where his 94 million followers can live stream his latest offerings on DLive, built using blockchain protocol Lino and currently supported by 3 million monthly active users, and 35,000 active streamers.

Lightning Network has made Lil Pump merchandizing payable with Bitcoin thanks to artist’s partnership with OpenNode. The Lightning Network is starting to feed back into the younger community as it is primarily used by younger crypto owners for mini transactions such as music downloads and coffee. It’s still a good way of spreading cryptocurrency awareness throughout the community.


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