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“Bitcoineta” Road Trip Hits Argentinian Highways With Bitcoin Story

Two Argentinian non-profit organizations, Bitcoin Argentina and Bitcoin Americana, are touring rural Argentina spreading knowledge about Bitcoin among local communities, Cointelegraph reports.

Local news outlet Infobae has reported that they’ve decided to coin the name “Bitcoineta” for the project by blending together Bitcoin with ‘camioneta’, the Spanish word for van, their mode of travel for their huge road trip which will take them across the nation.

The Bitmobile has been rigged out for the long road trip, complete with a movie projector, in which the team hopes to reach each village and town in the country across Argentina’s 1 million square miles, disseminating Bitcoin and showing education films about cryptocurrency along the way. Founder of the project, Gabriel Kurman says that he wants to show people how to “take advantage” of cryptocurrencies.

The van set out from Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires on 1 June, reaching the town of Chasomus, with a population of 30,000, some 120 kilometers away, to give a short lecture on blockchain and cryptocurrencies for the locals. Once leaving Buenos Aires province Bitcoineta will visit the regions of La Pampa, Santa Fe, and Cordoba. The team has said that it plans to extend their educational road trip to other parts of Latin America sometime in the future.

The visibility and profile of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Argentina are on the rise. It plans to become the world’s biggest player with pre-agreements to install 4,000 Bitcoin ATMs around the country as part of a new government plan to install 30,000 machines in the future. The South American country is currently home to more than 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. In May, one of the country’s banks, Banco Masventas, announced it would enable clients to use Bitcoin for international payments.

Bitcoin has been greeted in Argentina with enthusiasm partly because countries with histories of inflation and devaluation of their currencies see the digital currency as one that can conserve the value of user investments and savings. After President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s tightening of currency controls debased the Argentine peso (ARS) in 2012, Bitcoin has gained increasing popularity.


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