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Fujitsu Rolls Out Blockchain-Powered Reward Point System in Japan

Japan-based tech giant Fujitsu is launching a new system for tokenization of traditional promotional tools like coupons and reward points on the blockchain. It is a blockchain-powered reward point system that allows merchants, schools, shops, restaurants and traditional tourism centers to revitalize their promotional tools using tokens.

According to the company’s press release report on Wednesday, the system is currently being rolled out in Japan to create awareness among merchants that their promotional activities can be integrated with this system. The coupons that consumers earn conventionally from one shop can be stored in digital tokens that can be utilized in different outlets within an area.

The company used traditional data centers to process and store consumer data and assign tokens according to established criteria. However, the pain points included massive workloads impairing accurate and precise data processing, analysis and storage. According to the report, blockchain’s decentralized process and data storage mechanism use tokens for better consumer data analysis and reduces workload at the data center.

Fujitsu said that its new blockchain-based data storage system would leave institutions to concentrate on their core business as there was no need worry about their consumer data. Using real-time and on point data analysis, businesses can identify specific consumer needs and tailor their promotional strategies.

To achieve a fully functional blockchain-based data storage system, Fujitsu conducted several field trials and case studies. Fujitsu tested its point-tokenization system which used distributed ledger system to transact, process and store digital stamps in one of Taiwan’s FamilyMart outlets.

According to a company representative, Fujitsu did not only partner with the retail shopping industry. Other companies in telecommunications, railways, learning, and tech were engaged in the bid to develop a feasible system.

Fujitsu is not new in blockchain project development. Sources privy to the company have confirmed that it recently launched a blockchain innovation center in Belgium. Apart from the rumored new technology that uses Ethereum smart contracts, Fujitsu launched a system for secure data sharing for money transfer, confirming its presence on the blockchain.


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Blockchain Facilitates Tourism at Tokyo Olympics 2020

Two Tokyo companies are looking ahead to the 2020 Olympics with a view to using blockchain technology to share data in hospitality and tourism, according to Newsweek.

The two companies, Mitsubishi Estate and tech giant Fujitsu, are working towards offering blockchain secure data sharing in hospitality outlets, including restaurants and hotels, ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. The hope is that the shared data, protected by blockchain’s security, will allow tourists to enjoy shorter wait times at restaurants, better hotel stays and a smoother experience traveling abroad.

Mitsubishi Estate manages 30% of buildings in Tokyo’s business district. Senior Manager Hiroyuki Okuyama pointed out that until now companies have been reticent in sharing information, due to concerns about data being leaked.

A trial is underway in Daimaruyu, a business district in Tokyo made up of three suburbs. There are about 100 buildings in the area. The area houses 16 businesses from the Fortune 500, which puts it on par with New York and London, according to Okuyama.

Construction has already begun on sports venues for the upcoming Games, and Okuyama is confident that the new technology is going to make for a better experience for visitors from all over the world, and should be fully functional before the event’s start in 2020. According to Okuyama, the collaboration with Fujitsu now allows the company to store, share and use data with confidence.

“The general user will not realize the technology behind this, whether it is blockchain or something else,” he said. “What type of tech is used is irrelevant (for the user), it should be irrelevant.”

He suggested that visitors lose valuable time at large events, such as lining up at restaurants when they should be able to immediately verify at any time how much seating is available, and alternatives if full. He commented:

“For us, we believe that people who visit the city, a comfortable and smooth stay is most important. Rather than going after that short-term return, we believe there is more we can do.”

Fujitsu senior manager Eiji Ikeda said blockchain would keep the data in the hands of the owners. “The problem with the cloud is that it is difficult to release,” Ikeda said. “With blockchain, companies can inject their data [while keeping control].”

Reports at the end of last year excited many crypto hungry Japanese, when it was announced that the Bank of Japan had backed a scheme for its own cryptocurrency to be up and running before the Olympics.

The Tokyo Olympics is scheduled to take place from 24 July to 9 August 2020.


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Tech Giant Fujitsu Announces Blockchain Center In Europe

Japanese IT giant Fujitsu has recently announced the opening of its first Blockchain Innovation Center, located in Brussels, Belgium, with the aim of supporting research, developmen and innovation. Fujitsu has selected Brussels as the venue of choice because of its diverse political, technical advantages.

Witnessing the adoption of blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology (DTL), big tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon are just a few companies who are looking to integrate this technology into their companies framework, thus providing them with a transparent and more secure network.

Fujitsu sees blockchain technology as a step in the right direction for the IT sector, enabling a new model for businesses to buy, sell and distribute. Fujitsu aims to use the technology in some different business sectors such as supply chains and logistics, storing public records, and identity documents.

Fujitsu focused on becoming a worldwide leading contender for smart cities, Frederik De Breuck, Presales and Business Assurance Director of Fujitsu Benelux stated: “We believe blockchain technology plays a significant role in the development of smart cities. Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and by 2050 this number is expected to increase to 66%. Cities need to adapt to these developments and become smart cities that connect ITC’s technologies with infrastructure and architectures to solve social, economic and environmental challenges”.

While new adaptions of blockchain will lean to a smarter future, changes will drive economic growth and forgo social and environmental problems.

Additionally, in the current economic adoption stage, companies such as IBM and Walmart are launching a blockchain food safety alliance in China by collaborating with China’s largest retailer, a member of the NASDAQ-100 and Fortune Global 500.


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