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Freedom of the Press Receives $536K in ETH After Allowing Crypto Donations

The Freedom of the Press Foundation, an organization founded in 2012 to promote free speech and protect journalists and whistleblowers, recently began accepting cryptocurrency donations. Almost immediately, it received a donation of ETH 1,000 worth USD 536,000 as of this writing on 19 June 2018.

Executive Trevor Timm says the move to accept cryptocurrency donations is a natural fit for the organization, since cryptocurrencies mitigate the financial censorship that is common among centralized payment processors like banks.

A HUGE thank you to @Mainframe_HQ, who is helping kick off our cryptocurrency donation page with a donation of 1000 ETH! We are thrilled @Mainframe_HQ shares our goal of protecting journalists and whistleblowers in the digital age.

— Freedom of the Press (@FreedomofPress) June 18, 2018

The big Ether donation came from Mainframe, a company that has created a platform for decentralized blockchain-based encrypted messaging. Mainframe is compatible across blockchains via smart contract technology. This sort of technology protects freedom of speech, a similar motive to the Freedom of the Press Foundation. The foundation says it will look into using Mainframe’s encrypted messaging in the future.

The Freedom of The Press Foundation is accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Zcash, and is willing to open new wallets to accept other forms of cryptocurrency upon request. Donations are non-refundable, but also tax deductible.

The foundation says decentralized technology like blockchain and cryptocurrency can protect people from censorship and surveillance, preserving freedom, and it looks forward to experimenting with and utilizing emerging blockchain technology like Mainframe to further its goal of increased freedom of speech worldwide, particularly with the increasingly dangerous situation for rogue journalists and whistleblowers.

Decentralized blockchain technology has the potential to preserve free speech like never before, since it can be used to immutably and permanently store information, without any possibility of getting deleted or manipulated by a government or corporation trying to cover up facts.


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