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FAWS: The Leading Crypto News Aggregator

FAWS is a leading Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain news aggregator. It provides a live feed of news pulled from 59 different crypto news sites, including mainstream media news sites like CNBC, CNN Money, and Reuters. Bitcoin News at is proud to announce that it is entering into a partnership with FAWS, and all stories published on Bitcoin News will be displayed on the live FAWS news feed.

Whether you are a cryptocurrency investor, trader, enthusiast, or journalist, FAWS is the best way to keep up to date on the full spectrum of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain news. It pulls from so many sources that they don’t miss any stories, so reading from the feed consistently ensures you’ll be kept abreast and knowledgeable in the crypto and blockchain space. This can be especially important if you are an investor or trader, since the information provided can give you the edge needed to trade cryptocurrency profitably.

Additionally, FAWS has an easy to use display of live cryptocurrency prices, market caps, and trading volume, which is essential information if you are a cryptocurrency trader or investor. Further, FAWS has a portfolio tool that gives traders and investors the ability to build a portfolio based on the different cryptocurrencies they own and track their value in real time. This gives traders and investors an easy way to track their profits and losses over time and help them make decisions more efficiently on which cryptocurrencies to buy and sell.

Head over to FAWS today to increase your Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain expertise and make your crypto enterprise more profitable by utilizing the full suite of FAWS products, including the best crypto news aggregator, live crypto prices and trading volumes, and the FAWS crypto portfolio tool.


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