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Will There Be Lambos at the WBF, Crypto’s Big Event of 2018?

The 4th World Blockchain Forum is coming to New York City in November and will be televised on mainstream TV networks including NASDAQ, NETFLIX, and APPLE TV.

The WBF is the second mammoth crypto event to come to New York this year after the Consensus event in the summer. The latest of the new wave of crypto conferences may not offer the glamour of the Futurama Summit in Dubai, with its desert convoys, star-studded yacht party, a bar to drown the sorrows of the most discerning drinkers, fleets of helicopters, hot air balloons, and a massive firework extravaganza. It may lack the Lambos and the hip-hop artists of New York’s latest event, but its founder Zhao Sheng clearly sees such gatherings as enriching the industry and therefore, entirely relevant to its future, he said:

“We are witnessing an unprecedented digital migration of wealth onto blockchains of various forms so we need to start working towards a global blockchain industry consensus. And the best way to achieve consensus is to gather all stakeholders together within an ecosystem founded on consensus, which is why we organize the World Blockchain Forum.”

The WBF planned for the 8/9 November will include a TV event, a hackathon, a job fair, and presentations and panel discussions featuring leading innovators from across the cryptocurrency industry with the organizers inviting crypto skeptics to join the event and express their concerns to those industry experts in the know.

So far, Zhao Sheng, who promises that this will be the blockchain event of 2018, is expecting a range of well-known speakers at the event, including Celsius Network Founder & CEO Alex Mashinsky, Agentic Group Founder Rik Willard and Everipedia Founder Mahbod Moghadam. The organizers have said that they wish to bridge “the Eastern and Western worlds in an interactive setting,” adding that:

“The conference will discuss the current state and future prospects of the blockchain, including trends, opportunities, challenges, regulations and their long-term implications.”

More than 2,500 people are expected to be in attendance, to include representatives of 150+ companies and 200+ speakers who are experts from blockchain finance, cryptocurrency, token economics and consensus, Ethereum apps, the EOS ecosystem, the future of crypto, and AI trading.

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Wikipedia Gets Some Competition From Co-Founder’s Blockchain Fork

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger’s new blockchain based innovation could rival his world-renowned brainchild.

Speaking from this year’s Malta Delta Summit where Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was promoting blockchain technology, Sanger explained the benefits of his latest knowledge database.

Wikipedia, which grew out of a web-based encyclopedia, Nupedia and co-founded by Jimmy Wales, became the benchmark in open-source, collaborative encyclopedias. It also gained Sanger a name as a critic of his own creation. He called for more accountability and academic quality to be brought to articles which appeared on the website, leaving in 2002 and then later launching Citizendium in a quest to deliver greater accuracy and credibility.

Sanger discussed Everipedia, which forked from Wiki in 2015. Speaking at the summit he commented: “Thanks to new technology, it’s now possible to move beyond Wikipedia just as we moved beyond Britannica almost two decades ago.”

Sanger spoke of Wikipedia’s shortage of content contributors, despite it being the envy of any website with 18 billion views per month. He argued that a major issue for Wiki had been tasking 12,000 editors to check the contributions of 129,672 active writers and mentioned that an incentive scheme could encourage a higher quality work.

The forked site Everipedia will operate in a different way by rewarding contributors with its own token called “IQ” which can be traded on crypto exchanges, thereby incentivizing quality content creation. Another advantage is that the site can’t be banned by overseas governments due to its decentralized nature.

Malta’s prime minister Joseph Muscat was also speaking at the conference, suggesting that the pro-crypto government’s next target after making Malta the envy of Europe, would be the focus on AI technology, after building the strong foundations of a regulatory framework for blockchain and cryptocurrency. To blockchain developers he said of the “the next big idea”:

“We want to know how we can help and how we can make that happen.”

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