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Ether Kingdoms Concludes Its Beta Stage Testing Successfully

A revolutionary gaming platform based on the proof of stake blockchain algorithm, Ether Kingdoms has successfully designed and tested the world’s first Free-2-Play crypto game. After concluding its beta stage testing, it’s moving forward with development plans.

What is Ether Kingdoms?

Ether Kingdoms is the world’s first free-to-play crypto game based on the proof of stake (PoS) algorithm that is offered to the gaming community. The Ether Kingdoms PoS game brings with it an unprecedented gaming experience for players, offering real opportunities to earn money with its IMP token and still enjoy the gameplay.

The IMP token is the utility for the gaming platform and will also function as a resource to earn real money in the real world. Through the platform’s master node, players can also earn passive 1% income daily from the PoS algorithm of the platform by dedicating a mining share equivalent of 10,000 IMP tokens to the mine.

An advantage this crypto game has over its alternatives is that it offers a simplistic gameplay with rewards using its own internal token. Additionally, the token already has trading values and is being traded on the mecatox and Forkdelta cryptocurrency exchanges. More prospective listings are being discussed.

It would seem one of the objectives of the Ether Kingdoms project is value creation for blockchain. They intend to create a simplified game that will lower the entry barrier for non-intensive gamers and novices to blockchain technology.


Players can use the IMP tokens to go into combat mode with other players by initiating their IMPs to engage other IMPs owned by other players through a ‘Fight’ button. The battles are automated once the fight requests are accepted.

The determining factor during each fight is the number of artifacts a particular player has. Chances of winning increases with the number of artifacts an IMP is equipped with. To start playing Ether Kingdoms, all you need to do is join the telegram or discord channel and follow the instructions there to complete quests.

Artifacts and Collectibles

The collectibles in Ether Kingdoms are made up of ERC721 tokens called ‘artifacts’. They are currently available on OpenSea, where they can be bought or traded among players. These artifacts can also be used to participate in the weekly leaderboard contests.

Currently, they’ve integrated a whole new package of upgrades to the game to include over 25 artifacts, support for more game levels for more than 120 levels, new quests and a lot more. With new integration of Cryptokitties ERF 721 features also. Game bonuses can also be awarded when the CryptoKitties tokens are used as pets in the game environment.

The IMP Tokens

The tokenomic model adopted by the developers is one without dependence on a crowd sale. Even though a total of 13 million tokens are to be in total supply, the team believes their distribution structure is an efficient one. Other ways to earn the token will include mining and battling with other players.

Future plans for Ether Kingdoms

Ether Kingdoms has plans to continue the development of the platform in lieu of the success of their beta testing of the game. Expected upgrades in the coming months will include the introduction of a PvP fight mode, Clan battles, special locations for groups of players, global and local opponent-bosses, and new ERC721 rechargeable tokens. Above all, they aim to reduce the mining rates by 50%. However, they reveal that only 50 players will have the opportunity to receive unique artifacts that guarantees the maximum profit of 1%.

The game is currently accessible via a web browser only, but the developers are optimistic that by the first quarter of 2019 a fully functional mobile app will be released. However, the downside is that it may not support the crypto token at that time, but artifacts earned can still be used on the browser version of the game.

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