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Revolutionary Blockchain Solution for Logistics and Transportation Management

Following the epic rise of the Initial Coin Offering market in 2017, the market has faced a natural drop in enthusiasm. Despite this, the ICO industry isn’t dead, it is evolving. In fact, it has undergone a profound cleanup to help weed out scams or unviable products.

Most blockchain experts agree that although companies have tried to adapt blockchain, there are still massive areas that could be significantly improved via blockchain technology. One of the clearest uses of blockchain is its potential in the transportation and logistics sector. This is due to the transparency of blockchain and the ability to monitor each transaction securely. In this sector, blockchain has the strongest ability to truly revolutionize obsolete logistics and transportation infrastructure management. However, as of now, the market has failed to present and implement a full-fledged and cost-effective solution to this challenge.

EndChain, a patent-pending blockchain utility company, is focused on bringing blockchain tracking to all product markets via their patent-pending integrated QR and barcode. This unique code will allow both legacy tracking systems and the blockchain to be updated at the same time, allowing for easy integration with existing companies. All logistics stages, including the production of goods, the intermediary supply, customer sales as well as further resale will be able to be tracked with EndChain. The main goal of EndChain is to become the universal solution based on blockchain technology, a much-needed solution in the field of transportation services and logistics.

To solve the current problems in the logistics industry, EndChain will focus on decentralization, open protocols, and services. The main objective is to create more transparency among manufacturers, transport companies, intermediaries and other people. This needs to be done in order to solve a growing problem – a lack of trust. Too often, goods are labeled as organic, authentic or domestic without any proof. EndChain will allow these products to prove their claims and potential customers will feel secure with their purchase.

Most of the current blockchain solutions in the market focus on expensive NFC chips or manual entry. This eliminates the ability of low-mid tier markets to enable blockchain tracking on their products. EndChain believes that it should not be more important to prove the authenticity of your handbag than the food you put in your body.  EndChain is able to enter this market due to the ease and low price of our system. Additional functions for communications among the supply chain and the ability to setup subchains further enhances the relevance of the product for the logistics industry.

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