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Jimmy Song Suggests Bitcoin as Tool for “Peaceful Revolution”

Jimmy Song Suggests Bitcoin as Tool for

Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song has pointed the finger towards recent Gilets Jaunes (yellow vests) protesters in Paris as an illustration of how big government mismanagement can be overcome by using the right tools, but not by violence.

Song suggests that the missing tool, not yet being utilized by the French in anti-government protests, is cryptocurrency, believing that currencies such as Bitcoin are potentially powerful weapons in staging a “peaceful revolution”. He argued in a recent interview, “If you have government and big business get together, they usually get what they want.”

But according to Song this can be overcome by using the “currency of resistance”, adding that “the biggest thing Bitcoin brings is the decentralization of monetary power”.

Song claims that the way for such groups to gain the voice of resistance, is to take the power away from, banks, corporations, and plutocrats through decentralization: “That’s the thing that a lot of people don’t recognize: Monetary power is the big force in the world.”

The outspoken crypto developer has advice for those gilet jaunes taking to the street with bottles and rocks to protest against the current Macron government: focus on Bitcoin as the first step towards decentralized money; a step toward curbing the dominance of centralized banking.

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— Crypto Kether (@R3I3ntI3ss) December 1, 2018

As for the current cryptocurrency bear market, Song maintains that productivity is far more likely than in periods when the market is bullish, suggesting that when the market is surging, developers are distracted by rising Bitcoin prices and focused purely on money instead of creating useful goods and services and working towards innovation.


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