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Gambling Dapps on Tron Record $1.6 Billion Volume in Q1 2019

Gambling Dapps on Tron Record .6 Billion Volume in Q1 2019

Analytics company Dapp Review has told CoinDesk that gambling-based decentralized applications (Dapps) are fast becoming a major use case on the Tron blockchain, facilitating USD 1.6 billion in transactional volume in the first quarter of the year created by over 432,000 users.

Gambling is becoming a primary use case for the Tron blockchain, new data shows. And the ways to gamble with a Tron Dapp are varied. It’s no longer just crypto kitties now, but dog racing and farming, with the promises of quick riches up to 100 times their wagers.

✅Official#TRON has claimed 1st spot of the most used DApps on @DappRadar for the 1st time ever

The game Epic Dragons has 7.4k daily users#TRX also claims 2nd & 4th spot, while hosting 6 of the Top 10 DApps

These 6 DApps have a total of 32,100 users the past 24H


— Misha Lederman (@mishalederman) February 6, 2019

According to the same data, the popularity of Tron has hit such heights the past quarter that on 15 March itself, more than USD 102 million worth of transactions took place. EOS Dapps only managed USD 16 million, while Ethereum Dapps only could record less than USD 4 million. And all this before the market recovery happened.

The fortunes of Tron changed only recently, after making itself independent of Ethereum in June 2008, after a successful USD 70 million token sale in 2017. Gambling was also a precursor activity on the Bitcoin network in the early days. Ethereum Dapps took center stage in 2017 but after skyrocketing fees and congestion, gamblers seemingly moved to EOS but Tron is now looking to stake its claim.


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