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The New GOLD Stablecoin: A Market-Leading Solution for Secure Gold Ownership

Blockchain solutions firm Digital Gold has launched a stablecoin pegged directly to the value of gold. The one-of-a-kind GOLD stablecoin is an ERC-20 token with a smart contract designed to represent physical gold. GOLD stablecoins will bridge the gap between real-time asset and digital asset, making it possible to easily own and transfer the precious metal over the blockchain. 

Real-time gold backing the stablecoin is owned by its issuer and stored in a secured storage vault run by one of the top leading precious metals storage provider, BullionStar. The renowned Singapore-based provider reflects on its host nation’s emphasis on ownership rights, itself also  a leading international financial center. This is a strong case against any possible expropriation of GOLD assets, giving it a unique advantage over other fiat-pegged stablecoins. 

Digital Gold ensures that the highest level of transparency and accuracy is guaranteed for its stablecoin. The company will ensure steady liquidity for GOLD stablecoins is readily available for users at all times. There are absolutely no limits in regard to the amount of digitized gold that can be bought or sold on its official marketplace or cryptocurrency exchanges. 

A Golden Touch 

GOLD stablecoin is gold on the blockchain, with the added advantage of being cheaper to store and trade with. Other features include;

  • Total GOLD issuance will always tally with the real-time gold stored in the vault.
  • Users can independently and easily verify the exact amount of gold stored in BullionStar vault through a real-time audit feature.
  • The stablecoin runs on a Swiss-audited secure Ethereum smart-contract.
  • GOLD stablecoin is as stable as real-time gold. Every GOLD is a direct representation of actual gold, just on the blockchain.

The founders of Digital Gold are sure that GOLD stablecoin will grow to become one of the key elements in the global cryptocurrency ecosystem. Unlike Bitcoin, extremely low volatility is the foremost feature of GOLD and goes beyond the limitations of fiat-pegged stablecoins.

Almost a sure thing, GOLD will constantly grow in value relative to all fiat currencies, following the historical increase in the price of gold relative to these currencies induced by inflation. The unprecedented long-term stability of its purchasing power exceeds any fiat currency.

And the benefits don’t stop there. With no hidden fees, the project offers free transactions between holders and the lowest annual storage fee of 0.99% (that’s a really low 0.0027% per day). An incoming policy on flexible fee promises even further reductions on storage costs.

GOLD token is a true treasure for those who are looking for reliable stablecoin or just want to easily invest money in real gold with full privacy, top-level security and complete transparency. 

All this, guaranteed by a real-time audit of gold bullion assets in vault storage. GOLD has finally succeeded in digitizing physical gold, offering a fast and easy way to store, buy, sell, and invest in gold-backed assets with complete privacy. Blockchain technology serves to record all transactions involving digital GOLD tokens, which represent real gold.


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