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Deviant Coin Blockchain Platform Releases Whitepaper and Hybrid DEX

The essentials to creating a blockchain product include decentralization and a truly secure protocol, both of which Deviant Coin (DEV), a privacy-centric platform, aims to achieve during the development of its platform.

Deviant Coin recently announced the release of its long-awaited white paper and hybrid decentralized exchange. The white paper is a 27-page long document detailing the objectives, milestones and expectations of its platform.

They have also said that their revolutionary hardware wallet will be released shortly. Each of these developmental milestones constitutes a game-changing development for their platform.

About Deviant Coin

According to the roadmap, the Deviant Coin project started in January 2018 and since then has burrowed its way through several developmental milestones within a short time frame.

Deviant Coin, which is based in Singapore, is mainly concerned with the development of a PoS/masternode cryptocurrency that provides a 90% pure PoS Block reward. It takes the decentralization and privacy issues of crypto trading seriously. The project developers are working on designing a hybrid exchange platform to leverage the perks of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. This will compensate for the shortcomings experienced by a single type of exchange alone.

The allure of Deviant Coin comes from its three-fold package in their service development:

  •    A decentralized utility token
  •    A decentralized hybrid crypto exchange
  •    A hardware wallet

The Exchange Dilemma

Cryptocurrency exchanges play a crucial role in the development lifecycle of crypto assets, primarily by providing a trade platform between cryptocurrencies. However, as important as they are, there are numerous technical limitations in centralized and decentralized exchange infrastructures which can cause a lot of problems for crypto traders and investors.

Hybrid exchanges, on the other hand, confer traders the unique advantages of flexibility in handling transactions on the blockchain. And while non-settlement activities are handled off-chain, the transaction records are duly secured. This creates a high-performance exchange platform.

DEVX Hybrid Exchange

Deviant Coin’s decentralized exchange DEVX is built to be a hybrid exchange based on Bitshares (BTS) blockchain. It will feature flash transactions and offer Deviant Coin holders the opportunity to receive dividends from the exchange.

By taking advantage of the speed and responsiveness of centralized exchanges, alongside the transparency, security, and accountability of decentralized exchanges, Deviant Coin aims to optimize overall trading performance and experience through DEVX and buffer systems.

Desktop and Hardware Wallet

Deviant Coin has all sorts of desktop wallets and plans are underway to produce their own hardware wallet. This is unique to the decentralized world, as it is the first ever hardware device with top-notch security in the form of a three-factor-authentication, which is a step beyond regular 2FA.

Development of the hardware wallet is underway, and the team is working unrelentingly to make it as secure and durable as possible. They have also hinted that the wallet will be open source and allow for anyone to have access to their source code. Current progress on the development and eventual release of the wallet can also be found at the Deviant Coin website.

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