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Auto Added by WPeMatico Partners with Marketing Company Virtual DBS that Uses Predictive Analytics

Customer behavioural prediction systems are some of the most advanced technologies ever built that present one of the game-changing approaches to marketing the world has ever seen. Many innovative companies are getting into the the business of profiling and predictive analysis especially on social media. While the negative effects of this sector are clear, it is hoped that using Blockchain and only voluntarily shared data that is going to be recorded on the Blockchain for transparency is going to bring back legitimacy and increased effectiveness in the field of customer behavioral analysis., a revolutionary platform that uses big data based on blockchain technology and AI has recently formed a partnership with a natural partner in the form of data analytics company Virtual DBS. Virtual DBS is an industry leading innovator in customer profiling and predictive analysis that delivers highly targeted digital marketing strategies that are extremely effective for companies and organizations around the world.

What the Partnership means for both Companies?

By leveraging the all important Blockchain Technology, will be able to offer a lot as a data platform and resource to one of the biggest names in the customer predictive analysis genre in the form Virtual DBS. platform is designed to allow clients like Virtual DBS access to exclusive marketing data around a user-friendly and effective platform.

According to Brad Mitchell, the CEO of Virtual DBS:

“We are really excited about our partnership with Virtual DBS has leveraged innovative technology to drive acquisition, retention and growth for our clients. By combining AI and machine learning with the billions of records in, our partnership will deliver unique and powerful market intelligence to businesses of all sizes.”

According to Adam Mittelberg, CMO of

“Virtual DBS has a proven track record in the field of predictive analytics, bringing a powerful tool to clients. Leveraging their expertise in analytics and digital marketing will enable our clients to accurately target their audience and reach them with innovative digital campaigns. This collaborative effort enhances the market strengths and we’re looking forward to offering this innovative service to our clients.” is currently a service for advertisers and marketers that is valued at $591 billion annually. The data in the ecosystem is proprietary and can be useful for governmental and commercial projects alike. The project’s overall aim looks beyond the conventional marketing data and aims to give every person or entity the databank that is valuable, original and relevant.

Giving Access to Big Data

Access to data is the most sought after deal for all Fortune 500 companies as they look to retain their customers and gain new ones. But, the data is currently controlled by a few top IT Data companies like Google who overcharge and have complete monopoly over the data. brings democratization and usefulness of big data on the table with potential clients around the world. Token Generation Event

The is undergoing a pre Token Generation Event right now that is offering significant discounts to early backers as opposed to the main Token Generation Event that will start later this month.

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