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DataBroker DAO Announces Three New Alliance Members and Listing with Tokenjar

DataBroker DAO is emerging fast, having recently announced their forging of successful alliances and a listing on decentralized exchange Tokenjar. These members will help DataBroker DAO reach its goal of bringing the Internet of Things revolution to fruition.

DataBroker DAO have been busy planning the next steps in their journey after the recently successful token launch. The Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data marketplace is building a major part of the fourth industrial revolution, as well as becoming a part of the popular emerging technology blockchain.

About DataBroker DAO

Based in Dubai, DataBroker DAO has captured the interest of private industry and governments worldwide. They are the first decentralized marketplace to buy and sell sensor data using blockchain technology. The marketplace enables owners to turn generated data into revenue streams, creating a wealth of opportunities where data will be used and become more effective across numerous industries.

DataBroker expressed the reason why they invented the platform on their website:

“Individuals, companies, researchers & governments are spending hundreds of billions each year on buying and maintaining IoT sensors. The growth of the investment and applications in IoT is truly staggering, and yet, all data captured by these devices is locked up in silos and walled gardens.”

As a solution to the challenges in hand, DataBroker DAO plan to use their smart contract-based marketplace on the Ethereum network. The gateway operator will enable sensor owners to put data generated by their sensors for sale, where potential buyers can discover and purchase the data using the DTX token.

The DTX Token and Previous Alliances

The DTX token is the method of cryptocurrency based on the DataBroker DAO platform that enables senor owners to carry out their transactions. Recently, the sale for the token ended. The aftermath of the sale resulted in the DTX token being listed on CoinMarketCap, and was further made available for trading on two credible exchanges, Bitforce and CoinFalcon.

Additionally, DTX tokens can now also be traded on Tokenjar, a decentralized exchange with zero service fees and a direct wallet-to-wallet transaction system, without the need for deposits, registrations, or KYC. Tokenjar’s underlying technology is 0x protocol – an open, permissionless protocol that enables ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum platform.

The Next Step

The team at DataBroker DAO are knuckling down on the use of cases, stories, and examples of the platform at work, transforming lives and enterprises. In terms of marketing, the team are trying to reach out to a range of audiences by making the idea more comprehensive so that it appeals to various market segments.

Currently, DataBroker DAO has around 25 organisations ready to participate on the platform, and are gradually bringing them on board to ensure all needs and requirements are met for the alliance members.

Furthermore, DataBroker DAO’s mission is to acquire the desired developers by the end of summer of 2018. Amongst their outstanding goals, there are still challenges being tackled. The company is trying to maintain consistent communication with their token sale participants and alliance members, as well as the rest of the world.

IoT Future

The main focus is on IoT sensor data owners and buyers. Providing they have a successful breakthrough, all DataBroker DAO partners and participants will receive long-term rewards from the fourth industrial technology revolution, backed by blockchain.

The Forging of New Alliances

DataBroker now welcomes three new alliance members. These alliances help bolster the security of the platform, as well as with crowd-sensing, project management and consulting work.

The first alliance member, Rivetz, produces embedded, blockchain-based mobile security solutions. Their technology offers maximum security for digital assets and transactions. Using Google Authenticator (a two-factor authentication software application), users are protected from any attacks, fraud or identity theft. On the other hand, Rivetz also offers a simpler protection service, without the need of passwords, PIN numbers, or 64-character private keys.

The second alliance member is SenLab, a cutting-edge mobile enterprise company. They provide an award-winning IoT dashboard for smartphones, as well as a gateway and API for testing, prototyping and piloting. SenLab are active in the crowd-sensing field and have a network of mobile device users who received reliable data in industries such as healthcare, safety, environmental monitoring, urban mobility, and social networking.

The final alliance member is Eurocon, a project management and consulting business who specialise in the management of technology, business clusters, innovation centres, new projects emerging in markets, and advanced digital programmes. Eurocon have been running on an IoT community event since 2011, notably used as a smart connection for Industry 4.0, logistics, healthcare, and supply chain industries.

DataBroker DAO’s collaboration with these three alliance members will help ensure they reach their target goals: DataBroker DAO drives the evolution towards truly ‘smart living’ by making this data easily accessible to cities, organizations and entrepreneurs at an affordable price.”

The team are encouraging all those interested to stay up to date on their Telegram channel or website.

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