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Databroker DAO — Bringing Data to the Masses

Ever-evolving Technologies Pave new Paths for Data Collection
As we progress ever further into a hyper-connected environment the ways in which users and companies are using and collecting data is an ever-evolving process. Data is collected by companies in a variety of ways in order to build a cyber profile. An example of this would be web browser cookies. This information helps companies target specific individuals with advertisements or products.

Today’s companies make use of “sensor data” collected from IoT devices to optimize and monitor their day to day operations. Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad term that encapsulates a multitude of physical devices embedded with electronics, software, and sensors connected via a network. In recent years, we have seen a 31% rise in online compatible devices leading to a figure of 8.4 billion recorded in 2017.  Industry experts have estimated that the figure could rise to over 30 billion IoT devices by 2020 as well as a market value of 7.1 trillion. A company looking to take advantage of this industry using the blockchain is Databroker DAO.

Databroker In a Nutshell
Data Broker DAO is the world’s first decentralized markets place which enables users to buy and sell IoT sensor data. Being a decentralized marketplace allows owners of devices with various sensors to create a substantial stream of revenue using their personal data. This in turn, gives opportunities to many companies in varying industries to acquire accurate data in an efficient and more importantly, in an ethical manner. By utilizing blockchain technology and therefore a decentralized marketplace had enabled data broker to increase efficiency and lower the costs, in turn, allowing more profit for sellers and lower prices to those buying the data.
Databroker aims to disrupt the IoT sensor data industry by revolutionizing the way in which sensor data is used. Devices that are often forgotten about in day to day activities generate a magnitude of specific data that many average people do not see the monetary value of. In regards to data researchers, this type of information is a gold mine.

Databroker’s decentralized marketplace has many stand out features that benefit seller and buyer in multiple ways. The need for a middleman has been eliminated lowering costs for all parties involved. By utilizing blockchain technology allows transparent transactions, inspiring trust from users as well as offering easy and efficient access to accurate and relevant data for companies and organizations alike.

DTX Token Sale Details

Databroker has just announced its public sale starting on April 26th, 2018 completing on the 26th of May. This public sale allows contributors to acquire DataBrokers DTX tokens at a reduced price. To ensure there are no regulatory issues in the future, Databroker has included a KYC procedure for all contributors, this is mandatory and must be completed before acquiring their DTX tokens.

Once completed this process and the confirmation email has been received backers are able to send ETH to the address listed and claim the specified amount of DTX tokens. DataBroker DAO has already signed up with multiple exchanges including Coin Falcon and Chankura to list their tokens a week after the sale ends, bringing public trading to all token users.

During the DTX token sale buyers have a chance to claim 4000 DTX tokens at the exchange rate of 1 ETH. A 10% discount was available to DTX token sales until April 26th, however a  generous referral system is still in place which offers buyers a 5% bonus on tokens sold.

To find out more more about DataBroker’s DOA platform and token sale, click here. For more insight, read Data Broker DOA’s Whitepaper. Users are also encouraged to chat with DataBroker DAO’s team on Telegram.

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