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Copenhagen Uni Blockchain School Up and Running with Latest Training

A blockchain school in Copenhagen is off and running again for the third consecutive year, offering the latest innovative training for those entering the industry.

The school was initially created through a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen, IT University of Copenhagen, and Copenhagen Business School. It promotes blockchain as “a revolutionary technology that has the potential to disrupt multiple industries” and describes its primary focus as training its students in the latest developments in the industry, claiming:

“The design and implementation of blockchain-based systems require interdisciplinary knowledge as well as mindful consideration of broader economic and societal issues.”

The week-long annual program in Denmarks’s capital was described by Dr Omri Ross, CEO of Firmo and assistant professor for the University of Copenhagen’s computer science department:

“Blockchain is an incredible technology because it encompasses a wide array of disciplines from cryptography to mathematics, computer science, law, business, and economics. Students in the program have the chance to apply deep technical knowledge to real cases that we develop with existing industry players and cutting-edge crypto companies.”

The program targets primarily PhD students, with the course also including masters students and industry professionals. Dr Ross suggested that it was currently important to spread information about blockchain tech over a broad audience, and not simply limit this to academics, professionals or developers. He saw blockchain as having a more widespread significance across a range of sectors in the future as it becomes more mainstream.

Partnerships with the university this year reflect the cross-sector nature of the programme including a contribution from the World Wildlife Foundation. All the latest industry developments are covered by the course, again reflecting the holistic nature of blockchain. Dr Ross explained:

“While we do work on Ethereum-based Dapp development we are also collaborating with QTUM’s protocol (they are the second biggest blockchain in China) as well as the protocols of Ontology, Hyperledger, and Firmo.”


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