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Walton College at University of Arkansas Joins Growing List of Blockchain Educators

The University of Arkansas (UA) is the latest addition to the growing list of blockchain education proponents having now established a Blockchain Center of Excellence at its Sam M Walton College of Business.

Proactive approach

UA is seeking to study the nascent technology and prepare its students for a future of blockchain, a technology that is experiencing incredible growth and applicable to almost every sector and industry.

In the sprouting adoption of blockchain into the mainstream consciousness, the desire to prepare the future generations is escalating. The technology is expected to disrupt many other global technologies and UA is taking the bullish approach.

Walton College Dean, Matt Waller said, “We will develop and establish research partnerships by conducting collaborative industry-university research, we will promote and enable dissemination of knowledge about blockchains, and we will accelerate industry adoption of blockchain technology.”

The new center is funded by an executive set of partners which will be limited to ten. Five have already been selected, most notably Walmart and IBM, who have deeply invested their time and funds into blockchain projects and patents.

Mary C Lacity, Department of Information Systems Professor at the Walton College and the new director of the Blockchain Center of Excellence said, “The technology is immature. Enterprises need to overcome significant obstacles to transition more blockchains out of innovation labs into live production.”

The center will be collaborating with Arkansas-based companies. It is taking a proactive approach to the study of blockchain with the intention of utilizing these relationships for practical research and business integration.

Other efforts

Educational institutions in the United States are mounting an academic response to the emerging industry, which, due to the cautious public and skeptical governmental approach to cryptocurrencies and blockchain may come as a surprise. However, now that the markets have cooled off, the monetary value of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies comes second to the value of the underpinning tech.

Stanford University, New York University, as well as others are tackling different facets of the industry. Stanford is shooting for the business approach, much like AU who is apprehending an innovative enterprising future with blockchain.

New York University is offering a course that educates students in cryptocurrencies, which is similar to that of Berkley; DePaul University is providing smart contract and fintech-focused classes.

Other global efforts are taking place, Brazil, Denmark, Russia, and prestigious academic institutions in the United Kingdom are making hefty bids to provide blockchain educations.

If industry-wide adoption has brought blockchain to the forefront of governmental discussion, then the inroads created by academic institutions may truly be the way to break blockchain into the mainstream permanently.


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LSE Begins ‘Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption’ Course in August

A fascinating development has emerged from the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE) as it has unveiled a brand new online certificate course titled ‘Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption’.

Prestigious institution

LSE is a leading British research university. Historically, the alumni and faculty have been awarded 18 Nobel Prizes in economics and literature, with some 34 past or present world leaders being part of the LSE alumni.

The first class will begin in mid-August and has intentions to provide practical knowledge and “theoretical thought leadership for which LSE is renowned”, evoking the century-old LSE “understand the causes of things” motto.

The blurb for the reasonably affordable (GBP 1,800) six-week long course reads:

“The exponential growth and volatility of cryptocurrencies and the distributed ledger technology underpinning them has led to a global interest in cryptoassets, ICOs and the distribution of digital wealth. Private organizations, individual investors, financial service firms, governments and regulatory bodies worldwide are taking note of this highly disruptive trend. And in such a volatile environment, it can be difficult for potential investors and businesses to make sense of, and accurately evaluate, cryptocurrencies and their uses.”

LSE is now part of an expanding list of coveted institutions that are offering cryptocurrency and blockchain courses. Oxford University already has its own ‘Blockchain Strategy Program’.

It is another online six-week course; it aims to give its students foundational understandings of the blockchain, future implications for business and open up collaborative partnership doors.

Increase in crypto-education

Over in the United States, Stanford University, as well as New York University, are among others displaying a clamoring for blockchain educations in the states. In Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Argentina and Venezuela, there is also a hunger for the crypto knowledge.

It comes as no surprise that crypto-related education is becoming somewhat of a norm; the 2017 boom of Bitcoin’s price and ICOs caught the attention of the mainstream. However, in the wake of the unrelenting bear market, the discussion has moved on to “what is blockchain?”.

Demands for blockchain

In May 2018, blockchain development was actually a highly sought-after skill. Freelance employment website Upwork has released its quarterly index of the “20 hottest job skills” and it showed that postings for workers with blockchain skills had grown faster than more than 5,000 skills on the website.

As the commendable efforts to provide blockchain education increase, as does the workforce. It is a snowball effect that highly reflects the legitimacy of the technology and is evidence of an extraordinarily positive set of changes for the industry.


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