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CorionX is ‘Gas’ for Stablecoin and DeFi Adoption. IEO Second Round Starts August 18th on ProBit Exchange

Bitcoin Press Release: CorionX is a utility token and pioneer for the adoption, development of stablecoins, cryptocurrency education, DeFi, and CBDC’s. The CorionX (CORX) IEO second round will run with a limited amount of tokens from August 18th to September 1st, 2020. 

12th August 2020, SwitzerlandSwiss-based Corion Foundation launched in 2016, and focuses on bringing the cryptocurrency and stablecoin industries together with its own utility token, and education platform. Since its inception, the project has branched out into the DeFi industry and CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) market, to help millions gain access to these emerging technologies. 

What is CorionX?

CorionX (CORX) is an ERC20 utility token for an educational platform that focuses on the adoption and education of stablecoins, CBDC’s, OpenFinance, Crypto Saving & Lending  and DeFi solutions. The project has a strong community foundation, and vision of forging a collaboration between all of these industries and building a global community to onboard mainstream users. The company is already achieving this vision through the success of the #MoneyInTheRightDirection Movement.

CorionX Movement and Partnerships

#MoneyInTheRightDirection is a movement that Corion started back in 2019 to develop and educate Individuals, financial providers, hedge funds, and merchants about stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and open finance solutions. 

The movement was created to accelerate cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance adoption on every level. From teaching the aspiring cryptocurrency enthusiast to manage a digital wallet, and invest in cryptocurrencies on their own, to guiding a large stablecoin project in finding the right influencers for its development. 

In addition to project development, educational programs, and the #MoneyInTheRightDirection movement, CorionX have also been forming strong partnerships with industry leaders to further its cause for mainstream adoption. It’s partnership with top Korean Exchange Probit gave Corion the perfect platform to launch it’s utility token IEO. 

The Swiss-based platform also forged partnerships with wallet integration XcelPay, portfolio tracker CoinMarketAlert, interoperability bridge Syscoin and San Francisco-based next gen banking platform

Key DeFi Industry Problems

Interoperability is something that has not yet been applied to the stablecoin market. There is no specific project that supports, promotes and co-operates with other stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and DeFi projects. 

The majority of projects usually focus on their own specific coin, it’s purpose, or solution. There is only minimal collaboration within these parties, and they rarely integrate each other’s solutions. It is therefore difficult for the mainstream to enter the market and use stablecoins, manage cryptocurrency, and understand DeFi’s potential, due to a lack of education and industry collaboration.

The CorionX Solution

CorionX is building a global community where every member can share knowledge, use cases and information on all facets of varied digital finance. The CORX ERC20 utility token will act as an incentive for stablecoin and DeFi adoption, and fuel the movement members & other participants to share information, build the community, and use practical crypto applications.

Everyday users have much different needs to large companies. Ordinary users will benefit greatly from the CorionX education program and practical apps, while bigger industries and companies can take advantage of the deep technical analysis, and complex strategies the company has to offer. 

All users, and holders of CORX will be an integral part of the solution, and will personally benefit from their involvement. A few of the the additional benefits of the CorionX Utility token include:

  • CorionX token holders are entitled to be rewarded 2.5% quarterly in the Loyalty Staking Program after their average balance, without locking up the funds.
  • CorionX can be used to pay membership fees and other service fees of CorionX, Corion Foundation and partners infrastructure in CorionX.
  • The CorionX team and community recruits merchants to accept stablecoins and they will be able to discuss cashback promotions in CorionX.
  • Service providers and merchants accepting stablecoins will be motivated to use CorionX for promotions and cashbacks to encourage stablecoin payments and usage within their consumers.
  • CorionX is used for bounties to increase the number of community members and their stablecoin/cryptocurrency usage.

CORX token IEO

The CORX ERC20 utility token IEO second round is about to start on ProBit Exchange, which will run from 05:00 August 18th, (GMT+2) to 16:59 September 1st, 2020. 

Participants of the IEO can purchase CORX for $0.015 USDT, and can take advantage of an impressive 13% bonus for all purchases with USDT, BTC and ETH. Participants can bump that bonus up to 15% when purchasing with ProBit’s native token PROB. 

The CorionX IEO represents a great opportunity for enthusiasts and companies to be a part of a groundbreaking project, and benefit from staking rewards, DeFi evolution, bounties, and promotions. 

Register here for the CorionX IEO today! 


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Global Stablecoin Movement Campaigns Goal to Reach 20 Million Daily Users by 2020

Global Stablecoin Movement Campaigns Goal to Reach 20 Million Daily Users by 2020

The campaign’s goal is to aid the adoption, education and use of stablecoins by running a series of carefully crafted reward programs.

Stablecoins: A new type of cryptocurrency

Imagine the world with a better and more simple financial system. Where all of our payments and transactions are safe, instant and nearly costless across the globe and available to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

New technologies and a new form of money are quietly being tested worldwide! This new money is called Stablecoins and they are the new crypto instruments which will have the full potential to change how we do payments globally.

Stablecoins such as USDC, Tether, GUSD, PAX and DAI are types of cryptocurrencies that have stability in value, are less volatile in the markets and can, therefore, be a reliable and predictable store of value. They are pegged to a stable asset such as a fiat currency like USD or traded commodities such as precious metals. Stablecoins were first made in an effort to decrease the volatility of price commonly seen in predecessors like Bitcoin.

Stablecoins and traditional cryptocurrencies are both credited as fast, cheap and borderless ways to send money while allowing the user to retain control over their digital assets, making them incredibly appealing when compared to traditional money.

The real difference between the two lies in volatility or the lack thereof. Traditional cryptocurrencies have a high level of fluctuation in values which makes crypto an excellent asset for the speculative market. However, with such sudden and pronounced rise and fall in value, cryptocurrencies are essentially not suited for day-to-day use. Money sent in the morning may not hold the same value in the afternoon.

Stablecoins allow merchants and customers to rely on balanced prices unaffected by the volatility of crypto markets. Minding the gap between blockchain ecosystems and traditional economies becomes that much closer to reality, as payments are streamlined via automation, while upholding the crypto concepts of liquidity, security, transparency and decentralization.

The Global Stablecoin Popularization and Education Movement

“Money in the right direction.”

Over the years, several voices in the industry have taken it upon themselves to become standard-bearers of a new global movement seeking to foster mainstream adoption and disseminate awareness and education. This international movement, dubbed the Stablecoin Movement, believes in the stablecoin solution as the next step for true crypto adoption.

The Movement offer merchants and people a one-stop shop of education and resources of stablecoins plus it promotes why these coins are a better solution than traditional money. The Stablecoin Movement’s enthusiastic community makes it easy for new users to gain the knowledge needed to make educated decisions in all things stablecoin.

The Movement has been created to encourage other stablecoin stakeholders and future adopters to join and collaborate, spread out to people and merchants the unique benefits of paying and accepting this special type of currencies.

Committed to long term goals, the Corion Foundation has kickstarted the Stablecoin Movement Campaign with a series of programs, each focusing on promoting and supporting research, development, understanding, adoption and investment in the stablecoin market, under an overarching theme of blockchain and cryptocurrency education.

With an immediate objective of reaching 20 million daily stablecoin users by 2020, the movement is ready to reward contributors and participants with CorionX tokens as an added incentive to reach mainstream adoption.

The 9 programs available are open for all language preferences and backgrounds:

Content program: Content creators such as journalists, bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, news sites and PR agencies are welcome to support the Global Stablecoin Movement by sharing content related to stable coins.

Event program: This program is for organizers who want to open up discussions about stablecoins by hosting big and small events worldwide.

Social media program: The Stablecoin Movement offers a variety of bounties for professional social media services and enthusiasts alike. Participants will be rewarded for sharing posts about stablecoins across all social media platforms.

Ambassador program: Influencers, lobbyists and leaders are welcome to become Stablecoin Ambassadors. All movements require strong voices, ambassadors are needed to talk with regulators and investors, use their unique platforms to reach their audience or attend events as speakers.

Partner program: The Stablecoin Movement is a movement that loves company. Coins and blockchain projects are urged to partner up to excel adoption.

Merchant program: Stablecoins are already a good option for merchants, this program offers further rewards for merchants willing to accept stablecoins as a payment method in their day-to-day business both with clients and suppliers.

Institution program: Leaders, regulators and financial institutions can contribute to the stability of the market by promoting regulations that can benefit the use of stablecoin in society.

Finance program: Investors have the opportunity to learn how to invest in stablecoins and thus support the financial side of the campaign.

Other activities: Scientists, market researchers, analysts and experts are welcome to contribute and be rewarded for their unique expertise.

Stablecoin Movement

The Global Stablecoin Movement Campaign is an initiative by Switzerland-based Corion Foundation and their flagship CorionX token.

There are over a hundred stablecoins in existence each with varying models of implementation and tokenomics. CorionX have created a platform that intends to bring all stablecoins together in a single forum. Users can access an infrastructure to transact in different stablecoins, making it an easy and accessible process and allowing for the much-needed revolution in the mainstream use of digital coins for everyday payments.

CorionX helps to raise awareness through the Stablecoin Movement and to scale up all stablecoin projects. CorionX suggests a plausible way forward to keep the stablecoin community stronger than ever and aim for mutual success.

The Stablecoin Movement can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Medium, Instagram.


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