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Cloud Moolah’s XMOO Gaming Token Gets Listed on Coinsuper

The South Asian gaming market currently stands at more than $1.5 billion USD and is projected to increase to $9 billion USD by 2025. The online gaming market has a predicted growth rate of 20 percent between 2015 and 2025, due to falling prices of smartphones and increased availability of internet access. As such, this market has a very significant potential for gamers and developers alike.

Current Problems in the South Asian Game Market

Even with such high growth, the region has seen considerable hindrances for game developers to capitalize on the business potential. This is mainly due to:

  • Fragmented Region: The small, yet densely populated, region is home to 11 nations with varying cultures, demographics, societies, and economies.
  • Languages: Within Southeast Asia, there are hundreds of languages and localizing games for each one is practically impossible.
  • Low Credit and Debit Card Penetration: With less than three percent of the population having access to credit and online debit cards, purchasing games can be difficult.
  • High Charges: Even for the small population that has access to credit and debit cards, fees in the region are quite high, further discouraging online game purchases.
  • Overcrowded App Stores: With so many apps and games being launched on popular mobile app stores, high-quality games get pushed down the list.
  • Multiple App Stores: Even if a game does get on the hot list, it will be on multiple app stores, with are run by different operating system developers and phone manufacturers. This makes it nearly impossible to cover all of the stores.

With these factors combined, it is very difficult for game developers to penetrate and generate profits from sales in the South Asian market.

Moo Store and XMOO

Moo Store is gaming store that is developed by Cloud Alliance and Unity Technologies. Cloud Alliance is a Singapore-based technology firm that provides payment solutions for game developers as well as offering marketing, advertising, and game localization services. The company is made up of gaming industry specialists that have a combined three decades of experience in the Asian market. Their collaboration with Unity Technologies means that game developers will be able to use the app store and base their games on Unity software through their XMOO tokens.

CloudMoolah, their gaming store application, is integrated into one of the largest mobile game development software systems, created by Unity Technologies. This allows Unity developers to create a channel for revenue collection from more than 500,000 retail sales points across the Southeast Asian region. This channel is cheaper, quicker and more accessible than traditional credit cards.

XMOO on Coinsuper

Coinsuper is a Hong Kong-based digital asset exchange that offers one of the best trading platforms in the region. With security features such as SSL encryption, multi-signature wallets, and offline asset storage, it is a very secure platform.

The listing of XMOO on the exchange means that game developers will be able customize their games to monetize their sales and enter one the largest gaming markets in the world. This means no more lengthy and tedious integration processes, game localizations, or multiple registrations on different app stores.

For more information on the platform, visit their website: Follow on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom

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