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Over 10,000 Have Signed Up for Hong Kong Chain2020 Blockchain Premier

Chain2020 is a series of education-based conferences focusing on blockchain and fintech. The event occurs next week on January 15th in Hong Kong. Over 10,000 expected attendants will get valuable information, though the details will be of extra importance to entrepreneurs, government officials, and individuals interested in integrating cryptocurrency and other fintech in their respective sectors.

The event will be an all-day experience, with the first conference starting 8:30 in the morning and ending later that night at 7:30 pm. While videos and live streams of the conference will inevitably come online, the possibility to network with so many likeminded individuals is something that can’t be captured with a camera and has a value that can’t be quantified.

To sweeten the opportunity, Chain2020 is offering free tickets for attendance. Anyone that’s able to get to the venue is able to get in, free of cost. Simply go here to get your free ticket to attend the premier blockchain event at the AsiaWorld-Expo on Airport Expo Boulevard.  

Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong was selected due to its location within the Asian region and should help raise awareness of cryptocurrency in surrounding countries. Chain2020 organizers are confident that these conferences will leave the attendants empowered with the information they can use to increase integration and overall education about cryptocurrency in various business and social settings.

Over 35 internationally recognized speakers will be at this event, which includes top economists, technologists, and entrepreneurs involved in the cryptocurrency space. Specific names include:

  • Zoran Djikanovic, PhD, Professor of Economics at UDG, author of several papers on regulation and market infrastructure development
  • Susan Oh, recipient of The Quantum Impact Award in partnership with the UN General Assembly as one of the Top Ten Frontier Women in Digital.
  • Richard Chen, technologist with vast experiences in successfully building internet applications, big data, and AI and blockchain technologies
  • Dinis Guarda, author, academic, influencer, serial entrepreneur and leader in 4IR, AI, Fintech, digital transformation and Blockchain
  • Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, award-winning entrepreneur, a crypto activist, and writer, working in frontier environments
  • Henri Arslanian, PwC Global Crypto Leader and Asia FinTech Leader. The Chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, and University of Hong Kong fintech lecturer, will ensure local insight into Asian fintech.
  • Sophia, Hanson Robotics. The world-famous human robot is the culmination of innovations in science, engineering and artistry. Sophia is part of the Loving AI project helping scientists understand how robots can use intra and interpersonal development to adapt to user needs.

Topics will include things such as global trends in the crypto space, Ethereum 2.0, China’s upcoming national crypto, investment opportunities within crypto, and many other topics that are just as invaluable.

Chain2020’s Mission

Besides offering actionable information to as many people as possible, Chain2020 will facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrency through education. Furthermore, Chain2020 aims to be the most influential and captivating platform that will create connections and partnerships to have a meaningful impact on the industry.

While the crypto industry has a lot of bright minds, the industry needs to come a long way in terms of unification and partnerships. While the cryptocurrency has come a long way from its Wild West-esque roots, there’s still an extraordinarily competitive and cutthroat nature to this fast-paced section of technology, which already moves at light speed.

Competition and innovation are good, and the end consumer is always the winner. But cooperation is needed and inevitable if cryptocurrency is to become a global conduit of commerce, services, and financial freedom. is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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