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Blockchain-based Fintech Platform Bulleon Welcomes Three Top Advisors to its Platform

Blockchain-based startups are super competitive and innovative these days and rely on the top human resource to make the difference and further their appeal in the bitcoin community for investment and engagement of developers. Since the Blockchain movement is relatively young, the number of pioneers in the industry is rather limited and especially they are the most sought-after professionals, perhaps in the entire world.

Bulleon, a decentralized fintech startup has announced that it has engaged three new advisors for their new team. The three advisors Vladimir Nikitin, Phillip Nunn, and Nikolay Shkilev bring a wide-ranging experience to the table for the Bulleon team.

Who are the Advisors?

Vladimir Nikitin is a long-term cryptocurrency advocate who has called for the world to adopt cryptocurrency and move to decentralized solutions. Phillip Nunn on the other hand is  the founder of the Blackmore Group and has more than ten years experience in different forms of investment including angel investment, financing blockchain projects, commercial property investment and wealth management. Shkilev is the founding partner of Top Blockchain Advisors, an advisory platform for decentralized systems and is a part of various other Blockchain-based business entities

Advantages to Bulleon

Bulleon is embarking on an ambitious challenge to transform the financial transactions around the world. To complete this mission they need all the help they can get and these three vital additions bring the expertise and vision which is among the best in the business.

Bulleon’s focus is on the end-user and it will offer a uniquely styled interface alongside a digital service for cryptocurrencies. Top developers are working with Bulleon to develop the new fintech platform under the watchful eyes of of the three new advisors. Bulleon team is also benefiting from the addition of Skhilev, Nikitin and Nunn by understanding which way the industry is moving.

The decentralized startup is looking to launch a futuristic digital cryptocurrency exchange, a biometric-enabled hardware wallet for cryptocurrency holders, an international debit card, an e-commerce platform, and a P2P lending platform.

The Bulleon Token Generation Event

The Bulleon token generation event is based on a decentralized fundraising method that is in its initial fundraising stage. Instead of luring big-money investors with cheaper coins and flooding the market later with expensive coins, the Bulleon team has democratized the token generation by offering all the participants equal stakes in the new company in their token sale with no private sale planned.

Since the visualization of cryptocurrencies is based on a decentralized future, Bulleon believes this is an appropriate approach to a token generation event. In addition, there are no minimum or maximum funding limits being set for Bulleon’s token sale.

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