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Crypto-Funded Brave Browser to Start Paying Users to View Ads


Brave, an ICO-funded Chrome browser fork, has made a name for itself courtesy its unique advertisement solutions. Keeping up the tradition, the company has launched yet another solution based on its policy of “respect for privacy” policy, where it blocks ads on websites and instead replaces them with their own.

Users will have the option to view up to 20 ads per day and will receive 70% of the revenues generated from the ads, though they do have to own the Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) to participate. Publishers also benefit from a feature called Brave Rewards that lets users opt to donate BAT to the sites they are visiting. The algorithm takes note of the sites that are visited regularly and automatically creates a BAT distribution model, with the browser noting the time and attention spent on each site to distribute the person’s monthly BAT contribution among the sites visited.

Commentators believe that publishers are primarily disregarded in the system and that a mass-scale adoption of Brave’s solution remains an unlikely prospect. Despite the option offered to the publishers to participate in the Basic Attention Token system, the likelihood of significant returns for them from this system remains slim.

For online media, advertising remains the primary source of income, which has been hit quite hard by the emergence of the adblocking phenomenon, costing companies millions of dollars in ad revenue and creating an environment of distrust for the advertisers. Adblocking companies insist that the privacy of the users and protection against “malvertisement” is their top priority, with blockchain companies like Brave trying to provide alternate advertisement programs to circumvent the problem.


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