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Faulty Bitcoin ATM in London Spews Cash Bills

Faulty Bitcoin ATM in London Spews Cash Bills

A video footage has emerged online of what is claimed to be a Bitcoin ATM in Bond Street, London, “spitting out tons of money”.

Bond Street Bitcoin ATM spitting out tons of money! from Bitcoin

The 20-second video, shared by redditor skypirateX on Reddit less than a day ago, shows a security guard attempting to cordon off an area with two Bitcoin machines. A pound sterling symbol on the side of a cash machine beside the Bitcoin ATM seems to verify the location.

The security guard is heard asking a gathering crowd to “please move on, now”, while in the background, the Bitcoin ATM is seen spurting out scores of UK pound sterling bills. An open bag containing cash bills is seen on the ground, with more bills strewn about, as a second man attempts to kick the stray bills towards the collecting pile.

Commentors on Reddit have referenced “jackpotting”, which is a term used by hackers for the successful cracking of an ATM. Redditor paddywhack points out:

“Real answer? Many large ATM manufacturers (eg Diebold, NCR) don’t encrypt traffic end-to-end, especially on older models. If you have access to the physical network (or access to the back of the ATM unit) you can install a hub and use Wireshark to intercept the back and forth communication. Watch how when you type your pin that it’s transmitted in plaintext.. yikes. Then capture the ensuing response that tells the ATM you can withdraw money. Then POST that response back to the ATM and dispense free money. Ideally using someone else’s account info and not your own.”

Whatever the case, it would appear that this particular Bitcoin ATM isn’t new to scandal. Just a month ago the same machine appeared to be in the midst of a remote access operation:

Bitcoin ATM in Bond St Station in London – some weird remote access happening with logs on the screen. What’s going on? from Bitcoin



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