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Two Microsoft Patents Pending to Tighten Blockchain Security via TEE

Microsoft has applied for two new patents which would give the computer giant the potential to utilize trusted execution environments (TEEs) in its blockchain network.

A TEE in general terms offers an execution space that provides a higher level of security than a rich mobile operating system open and more functionality than a “secure element”. In more technical terms, Wikipedia describes it as:

“A trusted execution environment is a secure area of the main processor. It guarantees code and data loaded inside to be protected with respect to confidentiality and integrity.”

A TEE, according to the US Patent and Trademark Office, will store “a pre-determined type of blockchain or other security protocol code” in a “validation node”. TEE attestation will verify participants of any system where they possess matching information held within the blockchain node, which is simply a point able to receive, store and send data within the network.

A TEE may be useful in order to set up a consortium blockchain network, for example, the storage of a pre-determined blockchain list allowing secure access for members of the consortium. Also, the new technology could help verify blockchain transactions on similar networks where several pre-authorized entities must interact. This would enable direct on-chain recording without needing to decrypt certain encrypted transactions.

Reportedly, the submissions for patents were filed by Microsoft a year ago in June of 2017 but notably, Microsoft now offers blockchain application via its Azure platform, such as the newly-launched Blockchain Workbench. This promises to streamline blockchain-based application development. As one of the most popular cloud computing services, Azure provides web developers and programmers numerous different types of servers, computers and databases for rent.


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