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Miracle Tele TGE Speeds on with USD 15,500,00 Worth Tokens Backed. Ends on 15th May

Miracle Tele

Although nothing more than a complex two way radio, mobile communications have changed how people interacted remotely. Faster data transfer speeds, lower usage cost and increased market penetration have enabled the mobile phone to be used in nearly every part of the world.

Miracle Tele: Blockchain Telecom

Miracle Tele is a blockchain technology based telecom company that is set to bring a revolution in the telecom sector. The decentralized mobile service is a virtual network operator that services calls and internet browsing in 163 countries world wide. It allows users to not only make calls and access the internet, but with its unique Token Holder Reward System, allows owners of its native TELE token to earn 40% of all its profit every two weeks.

The Miracle Tele Token Generation Event (TGE) has been running successfully, with the soft cap already achieved and backed by more than USD 15,500,000 in funding. The TGE is planned to end on May 15th, with listing on exchanges soon after. With more than 50,000,000 TELE tokens already acquired by investors, the platform is planning to fully integrate its blockchain ecosystem with telecoms and IoT firms by 2020.

Tele Team

The Miracle Tele platform owes its success to not only a sound business plan, but the people behind the company. The team consists of professionals from all around the world and is growing rapidly as the platform increases in size. The Miracle Tele platform has recently brought on board Mrs. Zia Word as a consulting CMO. Zia is an expert who has already made her name by building Chozun, a blockchain based travel platform in China.

Another major figurehead in the team is Andrew Buricks, whois currently working as the CEO. Andrew is a political expert who has graduated from the University of Latvia. He has extensive experience working with Latvian companies, introducing blockchain technology.

Other notables include CTO Aleksandar Djordjevic, an “Under 30 CTO & Entrepreneur” and crypto promoter; and Sagar Bansal, who works as the Miracle Tele COO, bringing experience from 5 different TGEs. He is also an IBM certified blockchain professional.

Miracle Tele Dividends

Miracle Tele gives holders of TELE tokens a unique way to monetize on their investments. Every two weeks, the platform divides 40% of its net profits among token holders who have stacked their investments into the platform. Early birds are already generating a handsome income which is paid out in crypto or fiat, as the token holder prefers.

Getting the dividends is easy. Users “stack” their tokens either through the TELE application or the website. The process is very similar to Proof of Stake (PoS) and profit is generated on the staking. With the TGE about to end on 15th of May, this is a perfect opportunity for investors to get their hands on the TELE token and start generating an income.

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