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BlockV’s Vatoms & Augmented Reality Enable Tech Prizes to be Won all over London


Augmented Reality (AR) is a blend of Virtual Reality (VR) and the physical world. Where VR creates a whole new artificial scenario for users to work in, AR takes the best of both worlds, real and virtual, creating a layer of virtual world that works over what we can see.

People can use the technology to view different virtual objects that interact with the real world in different ways. From providing information about a particular object or place, to creating games such as fantastic creatures that can be played with and fought (Pokemon Go, a prime example.) AR technology gives users a whole new level of experiencing the world that is otherwise not available.

With the help of AR platforms, firms and organizations can create enhanced experiences that can not only engage their users at an all new level, but allow them to interact with their services and preview products that they otherwise would never be able to without purchasing them. For organizations, this translates into a customer interaction that leads only to satisfaction.

BlockV: Virtual Objects in a Real World

BlockV is a decentralized platform that uses Vatoms that overlay as an augmented layer in the real world. Vatoms are essentially virtual objects that users can use on the platform as virtual goods.

BlockV gives developers an easy way to launch digital objects through its vast set of tools, APIs and a robust training. Using the services, any developer or a team can create their own Vatoms and use blockchain to launch these items. With highly flexible programming, Vatoms can represent digital assets and goods which users can easily trade and exchange using blockchain.

Find Unlimited

Vodafone is using BlockV’s Vatoms to give away thousands of prizes in London. The #FindUnlimited game players will be using their mobile phone browsers to locate and interact with the Vatoms all around the city. Located in six distinct locations in Central London, each player will need to find Vatoms and unlock them for prizes. Players will be rewarded with different tech prizes, including Airpods, iTunes cards and even the latest iPhone 11.

The game is not restricted to Vodafone users, but to all telecom users in the city. Vodfone users, however, hold an advantage as they will be privy to exclusive clues on the locations of the prizes on a daily basis at 11 AM. Players who share their experiences of the game and Vatoms on social media will also get hints on the location of the new iPhone 11 for the next day.

The use of BlockV’s NFT technology for #FindUnlimitedby Vodafone shows the capability of the technology to create augmented realities and an immersive experience of gaming on the blockchain. Each Vatom is a unique, ERC-721 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain that will be redeemable in the real world against the prizes.

BlockV’s Success

This is not the first time BlockV’s NFT technology is being used in such a manner. In June 2019, the technology was experienced by 16,000 people in the FREE Your Mind Festival. The attendees of the festival experienced first hand on how the Vatom technology could be used to enhance the experiences of an event.

Powered by the VEE token, the BlockV offers a friction free method for large scale customer experience engagement and enhancement using augmented reality and blockchain. Using their client side SDKs, any platform can integrate the BlockV technology into their own.

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ARK Releases Revolutionary Free-to-use Blockchain Creation Tool, the ARK Deployer


Following ARK’s vision for a blockchain fueled future, is the launching of its widely applauded ARK Deployer. The event will be a game changer in the field of blockchain creation and adoption by mainstream services. ARK, is set to establish a unique and less complex process made readily available for individuals or entities wanting to harness the power of blockchain technology.

ARK Deployer is a freely-available tool designed for both professional users and technical novices to utilize. The Deployer eases the creation of entire blockchain systems from start to finish, enabling users to quickly build their own blockchain in a few clicks. ARK Deployer’s features include three customization levels with built-in presets; Basic, Intermediate or Advanced, and an advanced configurations option. Users can select from whatever options they prefer to quickly customize, and deploy their own blockchain.

ARK Deployer paves the path for the global adoption of blockchain technology, from small time developers, to leading businesses cooperatives across the world, anyone can easily leverage the features to customize cryptocurrency allocation, fees, block time and reward program, among many other preferences they may have for their blockchain. For less technically savvy individuals, ARK Deployer offers detailed explanations of each step from start to finish, along with a support guide.

Chief Strategy Officer at ARK, Matthew Cox, believes it is time people gain access to simpler methods of configuring blockchain. As more and more people are beginning to wake up to the security offered by blockchain, there has been a growing a demand for the technology. In his words:

“Developers are crying out for tools to significantly reduce the time and effort needed to utilize blockchain technology. With the ARK Deployer, users will quickly be able to create their own scalable, efficient and decentralized blockchain network based on ARK’s code but customized to their specific requirements. This means users can focus on building their own ideas, projects or applications, safe in the knowledge that they will have a solid and secure blockchain foundation as part of the ARK Ecosystem.”

ARK vision is to empowers the masses regardless of technical background, giving them a chance to enjoy the technology’s benefits as a secure, decentralized, immutable, and transparent option for their individual needs.

Ki Foundation’s CEO Réda Berrehili sees the point, and further noted on how ARK Deployer will help accelerate time and resources, he says:

“Creating our own ecosystem utilizing ARK’s technology as a starting point means that our organization is able to progress quickly and efficiently. We’re able to focus on developing our business-specific applications while ARK’s open source technology is providing us with a free, efficient and scalable blockchain foundation.”

The free-to-use blockchain creation tool is solely available on website, prospective blockchain deployers can click here to begin the possibility of anything on the blockchain.

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