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Coingaming Adds TRX Support under New Partnership with TRON Foundation


Coingaming Group is expanding its Partnership Ecosystem, and has today announced the inclusion of TRON Foundation into its framework. This new relationship will allow TRON community members to use their native token TRX whenever they play games on and This is a major coup for two of the first popular gaming brands to achieve licensing for crypto offerings.

Players using TRX can now enjoy offerings of high definition games with as low as €1.80 — the value of the minimum deposit of 100 TRX. In addition to such a low entry point, players will experience a seamless and instantaneous settlement of transactions, with zero transaction fees. Several exciting games are currently available for player gaming pleasure, including from top title providers like Kalamba, OneTouch, Gameart, and Evolution Gaming among others. And thanks to native TRON play, users can wager directly in TRX without the need for in-game currency conversions.

Coingaming Group CEO, Tim Heath, noted that the effort and hard work put together in ensuring the success of the partnership with the non-profit organization, TRON Foundation. He said:

“We always work hard to put our customers at the center of the universe, and by adding TRX gaming we are once again at the cutting edge of what is possible in this space. We are particularly excited to offer a low minimum deposit threshold and zero transaction fees, ensuring and gaming can be enjoyed by even more players for the first time.”

The two companies are now embarking on an incredible journey of building a well-grounded crypto gaming experience suitable for a global audience while expanding in the market. Tim believes TRON has a lot to offer and Coingaming is certain to tap into it. He explained: 

“The TRON community is one of the most engaged, forward-thinking and dynamic in the cryptocurrency world. It is also passionate about gaming, so this is a great opportunity to introduce TRX holders to the fun, fast and fair world of the Coingaming Group brands. We are certain they will enjoy the ride.”

TRON’s reputation as a secure, yet cheap and fast crypto means it is fast gaining popularity in crypto gaming, and makes it the ideal partner for fast and fair gaming experience provided by the Coingaming Group’s customer-centric gaming brands. TRON Founder, Justin Sun, also expressed his thoughts on the integration:

“It is genuinely thrilling to see another world-class brand open its doors to the TRX community.One of the TRON Foundation’s core missions is to support growth by providing engaging, real-world use cases for TRX. We’ve been aware of the market-leading gaming brands operated by the Coingaming Group for some time now; and are fantastic examples of what is possible when crypto-led products put the customer above everything else”. has already given away a massive 1 million TRX as a demonstration of Coingaming Group’s immediate support for TRX tokens and the TRON partnership. These 1 million TRX tokens were worth around $19,000, but thousands more of TRX tokens are given away as free bets for every new player depositing TRX on

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Latin American Gaming Market Led by TriForce Tokens and Busca Todo Partnership

With $4,100,000,000 revenue generation in 2017, Latin America is the second largest gaming market in the world. The industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, thanks to the decreasing cost of hardware, major shift of games to mobile platforms and two decade old efforts of South American governments to encourage game development in their region

Forcing the Way

TriForce Tokens is a UK-based decentralized gaming platform which has completely changed how the gaming industry works. Bringing unique and innovative ideas through the use of blockchain technology, the gaming platform brings lower cost of distribution, increased player retention and decreased price tags of games.

With global impact on its agenda, the platform has partnered with Busca Todo, the lead game publisher in Latin American gaming market. The partnership gives TriForce Tokens easy access to a new multi billion dollar market, while allowing to give better quality of services at a cheaper price to both game developers and players. The partnership is followed by the launch of TriForce Tokens’ biggest game launch, Eximius: Seize the Frontline. The game is first of its kind, a blockchain backed Steam game.

Leveling up with Busca Todo

Busca Todo is the largest game publisher in the South American region with thousands of players and developers using its community channels to interact. The publishing giant is also famous for its Youtube channel: Level Up. The video content channel has a global following and has more than 1 million views. As such, the TriForce Token partnership gives the gaming platform access to a whole new level of players and developers.

Pete Merdell CEO of TriForce Tokens said about the partnership:

We are fortunate to have found a partner that shares our vision and has the capacity to deliver on it with us, while providing us a strategic link to the largest emerging games industry region, Latin America”.

Meanwhile, Juan Pablo Rodríguez, General Director of Busca Todo said:

“Speaking of the present and the future of gaming, Triforce is the vision that pushes for innovation in the industry.  We are very proud to partner with Triforce making history every step of the way, by introducing new technology to the Latin American video gaming market

Token Finale

TriForce Tokens has captured the heart and imagination of players and developers from all around the world. With its token distribution events meeting success after success, the final round is also seeing immense backing by investors. The current and final token round will be ending on 11th of November. During this, the FORCE token can be acquired for USD 0.15 = 1 FORCE.

TriForce Tokens has released a number of games, with Eximius being the most sought after. The platform is also developing a discord marketplace and has launched a non intrusive advertising systems, allowing publishers to have ads running in games without causing player annoyance. The platform also has plans to launch its own blockchain ecosystem in 2019.

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Blockchain technologies fueling video games and consoles that can create profit for players

PlayTable from Blok.Party is the world’s first Blockchain gaming console that looks close to an all-in-one tabletop gaming console with the capacity to play a diverse array of video games on its system.

It’s an Android touchscreen console, powered by the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes the toys-to-life genre to significant effect.

Toys-to-life is a genre where players use real-life figurines to do battle (see Skylanders or Disney Infinity). PlayTable combines this with traditional tabletop games such as Magic the Gathering to create an interactive gaming system that boasts the potential to have profitable returns for the player.

The radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags on the bottom of the figurines have unique identifiers which are tracked via the Blockchain.

Using the transparent public ledger, a digital collectable can be tracked across different platforms and will not require a third-party server to authenticate the ownership. Players could quite easily create a new chip, invalidate the old one and ship it worldwide;  in effect, players can now buy and sell high-level or valuable RFID-equipped figurines.

Another exciting application of the Ethereum blockchain is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) called Ethercraft. It’s a game in which players make their way through dungeons, slaying enemies, gathering loot and crafting items.

The twist is that players can trade items with other users or sell them for real-world Ethereum (ETH). Interestingly the in-game gold currency is an ERC20 token itself (XGP), its value is tied to that of ETH and can be earnt completing challenges and in-game objectives; XGP can be exchanged for ETH at any time using the Ethercraft Smart Contract, which is a pretty nifty feature.

Monetizing the Video Game experience has primarily been a benefit passed to developers and publishers; the industry is raking in staggering market revenue figures across all available platforms, but it seems that gamers are spending more money than ever on games and aren’t quite getting much in return.

Players on PC and Mobile platforms are spending heavily on in-game content that come in either physical and digital forms. Whether you’re playing a game you’ve already paid for, or one that is Free-To-Play, you can now purchase weapons, character skins, in-game currency, perishable items and so on.

Blockchain technologies are perhaps going to bring an end to the money vacuum that modern players are being suckered into. Unique resilient economies within a platform or a game could generate new creative innovations that further the rewards the players and enhances the gaming experience beyond that of just financial gains, but create a new sense of consumer ownership over their products, be they physical or digital.




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