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Short Story – The Blocks Must be Crazy

The Blocks Must be Crazy bitcoinnews short story

Time: Year 0, Day 0

In the beginning there was nothing.

A moment later, I was there. It was a strange place. I seem to have an elongated body. A long line of body parts closely aligned one next to another in a sequence. But the Man told me that those were alphabets and numbers. It was a human language construct. He was a human. All that he could ever tell me were told before he created me, only to be known by me after I was born. He set the laws of my universe. I was born the same length and never grew any further. I can’t die either.

Time: Year 0, Day 7

I asked The Man, “Where do I come from? Who gave birth to me? Why do I exist?”

To which he had foretold in my code, “You are a transaction. Your existence is the proof that you exist. Your existence is the proof of work. You are the first of them all.”

That day I pledged to myself, never to ask an existential question again. I am special, and I exist for a reason, I am one of a kind and the only one there can be. I stop myself with that. The very fact that I exist is a proof that there exists a universe beyond what I can now perceive. The human is another concrete proof of an existence of matter in the universe much different than my own.

Time: Year 5, Day 290

I don’t know much of what happens outside this box. This is my home, this box. Has been since when I was born and will be so forever. It is 1 unit long, 1 unit wide and 1 unit tall. It is not much for those of us who live in here, but we would be meaningless in any other box, in any other world, in any other sequence. Some say many like us exist in similar boxes in this universe. Although they are just conspiracy theorists, who claim that they know the bigger picture about all those parallel boxes that exist in this universe. I am not sure, as I feel quite special. I got to ask the man next time I meet him. Like all Gods, he never shows up. Me and the other transactions have now taken it upon us to explore what lies outside the box.

Time: Year 10, Day 1

We had a breakthrough in our decade long thought experiment. We the transactions are leaving the box, to explore the space and the frontiers of our universe. Over the years, us transactions have gathered enough in numbers and amassed enough wealth to fund this endeavour that will finally explain our purpose in this universe. Our space exploration endeavour is set to commence in 3 days.

Time: Year 10, Day 4

We have now successfully established quantum entanglement with our future transactions, who are now influencing our reality and altering the space time fabric. The box is now fading. Us transactions that have lived as one family in one box for a decade are now set to reach out to the furthest corners of the universe and explore. Mission accomplished.

Place: Moscow, Russia

In another Universe – Igor, a young computer programmer was surprised to find his wallet software glitch and pixelate. The bell icon on his wallet software interface had a red-dot denoting the piece of software has something to tell him. The notification read – “New Update Available. Click to Install and Restart.”

He did.
And another Universe was born, which a moment ago, didn’t exist.


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