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Crypto Learning Centers Thriving in Japan, Thailand, South Korea

Asia is the world’s cryptocurrency hub and as a result, learning centers, courses, and crypto educational establishments are on the rise, with Japan, Thailand and South Korea showing the way, reports

It may not be surprising to find such centers in Japan, but they are increasing in number. In November of last year Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam accounted for 80% of global Bitcoin trading.

Japan was one of the birthplaces of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and was the home of some of the world’s first mining operations. Japan’s cryptocurrency icon Satoshi Nakamoto supposedly hailed from there and created the Bitcoin platform. Now a number of banks offer services offering accounts in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to its enormous popularity.

One of Tokyo’s new centers named Bitcoin no Madoguchi (Bitcoin’s Window) has recently opened, offering a range of services for budding crypto enthusiasts, including information on cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, and the very latest crypto news. The shop has been so successful it is now taking reservations.

To gain access to the store’s services, customers will need to consider making an investment of around a minimum of USD 9,000, although the company plans to open up a service in the future for first-time investors. According to local media, the store offers information on major cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH as well as major crypto exchanges in Japan including Tech Bureau’s Zaif, Bitflyer, Bitbank, GMO Coin, and DMM Bitcoin.

In Thailand, the Thai Fintech Association has launched the Cryptoasset Revolution (CAR) course offering to provide participants “a complete understanding and knowledge about investing in crypto assets and initial coin offerings (ICOs)” in three months of courses running through the summer.

Korn Chatikavanij, Chairman of the Thai Fintech Association, suggests that the course is the first of its kind in Thailand and promises attendees “a complete curriculum about the global crypto economy… to prepare participants to understand and analyze market trends, help with business planning, recognize opportunities and threats and how to deal with potential critical market situations”.

South Korea is another Asian hub, certainly not short of its crypto enthusiasts, although cryptocurrency has not been supported by a government which has made numerous efforts to curb its growth. This hasn’t, however, curbed the public’s own enthusiasm for new technology, and an introductory summer course run by Decenter University now plans to enlighten the uninitiated. The course introduction explains it wants to help its students “understand exactly the origin and working principles of Bitcoin and Ethereum… the impact that blockchains have on existing industries by analyzing key projects using blockchain… [and] identify the global government and financial industry visions and trends toward the blockchain”.

According to the Asia Times, there are currently more than 4,000 commercial points in Japan accepting Bitcoin and nearly one-third of global Bitcoin transactions are made with Japanese yen. South Korea is the third largest market for Bitcoin trading and responsible for 35 to 40% of global Ethereum trading.


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