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Bitcoin Future 2020 Conference will Give voice to Experts, Influencers, Skeptics and Maximalists

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The best thing about the cryptocurrency industry and philosophy is its decentralized consensus ability and democratization of its community. There are millions of cryptocurrency users, enthusiasts and proponents around the world with a diverse range of opinions. Since nobody has an overriding say in the cryptocurrency world and everyone is in charge of their own money, the majority cannot impose their views on the minority. The crypto community is the true definition of a real democratic society.

To keep this rigorous crypto tradition of discourse, the Maltese crypto community of the Malta Bitcoin Club is organizing Bitcoin Future 2020, an online crypto conference to help give voice to all sections of the crypto community. The conference will start on 21st December 2019 and will focus on the future of the crypto industry and have a host of different panels for discourse. Malta Bitcoin Club want to show that the cryptocurrency world is not about quick rich schemes that promote reckless behaviour. It is a deep understanding of the working of decentralized systems, blockchain networks and how they are revolutionizing the world around them. 

Giving Voice to Different Schools of Thought

The conference will give voice to contrasting viewpoints of the community from around the world including developers and experts, maximalists, skeptics and other fringe and popular crypto philosophies. Tickets start from 9.99 EUR, and the Bitcoin Future 2020 conference is online, and therefore will allow a wider worldwide audience to benefit from the proceedings and participate in it. For this purpose, education of the tech and its working and impact on the world is absolutely essential for the future. 

According to Leon Siegmund, Founder of the Bitcoin Club Malta:

“We aim to simply provide honest and unbiased information on how experts see Bitcoin in 2020. Experts who really understand the technology and have been working on it for many years”

Through the conference, the Maltese Blockchain Club’s Bitcoin Future 2020 wants to become a permanent fixture in the crypto calendar and help educate the masses about crypto at an affordable rate. 

Blockchain Opportunities

The Bitcoin Club is offering logo sponsor opportunities, VIP tickets, and a very special “Bitcoin Billionaire” experience, with first-class flights, 5* hotel experience, private Tesla chauffeur, spas, restaurants, and access to the Bitcoin Club Malta’s full range of connections for networking and leverage.

Interested parties can make reservations for the actual live event through the official website. Those who are interested in livestreaming the whole event for learning and keeping upto date, live passes are also available for all countries. 

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To visit the Malta Bitcoin Club website click here

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