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Exclusive: Bitcoin Artist Nanu Berks and “Planet Positive” Tech

Listen to the exclusive interview with Bitcoin artist Nanu Berks on the 11 October 2018 Daily Podcast below.

Bitcoin News spoke to Nanu Berks, an artist originally from Argentina who focuses on Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain-related art. She describes herself as a transcendental artist that centers on planet positive technology that enhances human optimization, and says she’s obsessed with crypto and blockchain. Her webpage shows her portfolio of Bitcoin art.

Berks said, “I am a full time artist and I make blockchain and transcendental tech art. I would say 90% of my art in the last two years has been crypto art. I make [art based on] Bitcoin, Ether, and other coins I like. I advise a bunch of art companies.” She is hired by crypto and blockchain projects to make art for them and also makes her own pieces which she sells at auctions for income, as well as auctioning her art to raise money for good causes like wildlife protection.

Additionally, Berks says she uses Steemit to make some income and steadily earns about USD 10 per post. She likes the idea of “mining with your mind”, and how her art posts on Steemit slowly earn money over time, versus Instagram which earns nothing at all.

Berks works with the blockchain art collective and she believes “they make it really easy for me to put my physical art on the blockchain”. She puts near field communication (NFC) chips on her physical art, which can be used to track ownership of art on the blockchain. She primarily uses the Ethereum blockchain for putting her art on the blockchain but says she uses multiple platforms, with plans to use the EOS blockchain.

Many of Berks’ art pieces embrace psychedelic designs and Berks says she helped put together the CryptoPsychedelic Conference which advocates use of alternative medicines, like psilocybin mushrooms, ibogaine, and ayahuasca, for the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and drug addiction. Experts on plant medicine and the crypto world came together at the conference, and the point of the conference was to compare ancient plant medicine technology to new technology like blockchain. She says, “We’re trying to fund some of these transcendental projects that help humanity from money that is not centralized and not controlled by the government.” Programs and projects that use psychedelic alternative medicine have a hard time raising money from the government and normal funding routes, but with crypto crowdfunding these projects can get the money they need to operate.

Berks mentions how one of the main problems in the crypto and blockchain world is companies often try to get art for free by saying involvement with their project will give the artist exposure. However, artists can’t put food on the table with exposure. Berks says, “You actually have to fight hardcore to get hired to get paid, and that’s something I try to help artists with… art is extremely valuable to convey messages, but why are we still not paying for it? An ICO will hire a marketing team and engineers to build the platform but will still hire artists [in exchange] for exposure.”

Recently ,Berks participated in a Bitcoin art show in Paris, which was covered in another exclusive by Bitcoin News. The point of the show was to create Bitcoin art to make people think of Bitcoin, which helps with mass adoption. Another focus of the Paris show was how art can be stored on the blockchain.

On a final note regarding Bitcoin art, Berks says, “At the end of the day its to share a technology that is good for our human expansion, good for our decentralization of power to reclaim our freedom.”


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Image Courtesy: Nanu Berks

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