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User Withdraws R$500 From Crypto Exchange, Gets R$137 Million

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Kaique Nunes, a customer of the Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange Bitcambio, might have gotten the thrill of his life when he withdrew BRL 500 (USD 128) of cryptocurrency and received BRL 137 million into his bank (USD 35 million). Unfortunately, he is being inexorably dragged to the notary office, in order to sign a document to give all that cash back.

Nunes apparently received a phone call from Bitcambio saying there was a document at the notary office he needed to sign, since they gave him the wrong amount of money when he withdrew his cryptocurrency, and signing the document would return the money to Bitcambio. Nunes explains that he thought it was a hacker who had compromised his account information and wanted to obtain his signature, so he hung up on Bitcambio.

Nunes proceeded to ignore Bitcambio for as long as he could, but they kept calling to convince Nunes to sign the document to cancel the bank transfer. The platform vendor for Bitcambio, Rodrigo Souza, posted a series of comments to social media which say “People, the mistake really happened. Kaique will be reimbursed for all the costs he has to go to the notary’s office to solve this shit. Notice is already being canceled… At Bitcambio everything is done strictly within the law. Mistakes happen, we are not afraid to have their attention”. 

Souza admits that Bitcambio went to City Hall to cancel the USD 35 million withdraw, but the city said that Nunes must agree since the amount is so high. This means that Nunes can legally keep all the money, at least until it is escalated to civil court. That being said, Nunes affirms that he will go to the City Hall and notarize the withdraw cancellation, although there is no confirmation that he actually did that.

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